Printed Maps
World Gas Map, 2020 edition
13 January 2020

Gives you a comprehensive overview of the global natural gas industry, showing the location of all major gasfields; pipelines; LNG plants and terminals; and GTL projects.

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Oil and Gas Map of the Eastern Mediterranean, 1st edition
11 March 2019

This map has comprehensive data, charts and illustrations to give an authoritative analysis of trends in the emerging Eastern Mediterranean oil and gas sector.

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Energy Map of Mexico, 2019 edition
31 December 2018

An essential resource on Mexico's energy industry; depicting key infrastructures for oil, gas, power and LNG whether existing, planned or under construction.

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Northern Asia-Pacific LNG Map, 1st edition
31 December 2018

This map provides in-depth detail illustrating the current and future status of the liquefied natural gas industry in the Northern Asia-Pacific region.

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Energy Map of the Caribbean, 2018 edition
31 August 2018

Offers a detailed insight into the oil, gas and electricity sectors. As well as illustrating the infrastructure the map also highlights the Caribbean shift towards a renewable energy target.

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Asia-Pacific LNG Map, 2nd edition
31 May 2018

A detailed map of the region's current and future LNG import and export projects, plotted alongside comprehensive data on supply, demand and project finance to provide authoritative graphical analysis of the sector.

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Oil & Gas Map of The Gulf of Mexico, 2018 edition
30 April 2018

Three years of oil auctions have now set the stage for an exploration drilling boom in Mexico, that should bring billions of dollars of investment into the Mexican Gulf of Mexico. This map compares the United States and Mexican sides of the maritime boundary.

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World LNG Map, 2018
31 March 2018

A map and comprehensive guide to the world's LNG industry.

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Oil and Oil Product Pipelines Map of European and Asian Markets, 1st edition
17 January 2018

A map and comprehensive guide to the oil and oil product pipelines in the European and Asian markets.

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Floating LNG Evolution and Development Wallchart
8 April 2016

Charting the latest projects in the world of floating LNG facilities both for import and export.  Plus a range of charts, tables and graphics to illustrate the impact of FLNG on the traditional LNG landscape.

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