Shale oil breakeven prices
12 May 2020

This paper examines published estimates of shale oil breakeven prices, contrasts the quoted breakeven price with industry performance over the period and investigates the disconnect between published breakeven prices and actual breakeven prices at the corporate level.

Protect your projects: A guide to capex risk management
5 May 2020

Today’s capital project construction industry is plagued with challenges, resulting in nearly all major projects delivering late and over budget. This whitepaper explores the primary causes for overages, considers the critical internal and external pressures faced by today’s volatile projects environment, and provides a framework to guide the opportunity to align teams, inform change management, and enforce process to execute your next capital project on plan.

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Energy Transition Review
5 May 2020
The energy transition will be a multi-faceted process with each contributing energy source offering enormous potential but often bringing new challenges. The oil and gas sector is rapidly improving efficiency and reducing its carbon footprint, but can this be done around the world at reasonable cost? The boom in renewables continues apace, across ever more markets around the world, but requires peak demand support and smart grid management. And green hydrogen potentially offers a carbon-neutral high energy density fuel, but can it be cost competitive at scale? In this report, industry experts identify problems and present potential solutions.
Private Equity's Upstream journey
31 March 2020
Private equity interest in the E&P industry soared in the wake of the 2014 oil price crash. However, renewed appetite for upstream assets was not only predicated on exploiting commodity cycles. Private equity spotted an opportunity when patchy performance and escalating ESG concerns meant publicly listed investors turned their back on mature basins. While it was hype around the shale revolution that first attracted attention, an alternative strategy quickly emerged. In this report, we follow private equity’s upstream journey and consider whether this latest round of E&P investment will ultimately deliver on its promise.
The Emerging Price Offerings from Second Wave U.S LNG Projects: Perspectives from Sellers and Buyers
17 September 2019
With the LNG market in a state of rapid transition, the future is shrouded in considerable uncertainty, but the expectation is that commoditization and liquidity will continue to grow as the industry matures – and that both firstwave and second-wave U.S. LNG export projects will help drive these trends. So, how much capacity can we realistically expect from the second wave? Download this 20-page report for more insight into the future of the LNG Market.
Achieve Production Agility in Your Refinery in a VUCA Environment
13 May 2020

May 27, 2020, 10:00 AM EDT / 4:00 PM CEST

How are you using technology to be more agile and responsive in the current VUCA environment? Today’s refineries are challenged with lower demand and a remote staff. Join AspenTech experts as they share insights on three high-impact technology areas that refiners can use now to better manage uncertainty. See how you can:

  • Rapidly analyze business scenarios to determine optimal and lowest risk operating choices 
  • Adapt to changing operating conditions such as throughput rate and product mix
  • Reduce operating cost and risks, understanding safe operating envelopes

Learn how leading companies are using digital technology to make informed decisions and navigate the current economic and operational challenges.

PE Live: Sunset or new dawn for the UKCS?
13 May 2020

This webcast looks at the positives that remain for the UKCS even during the depressed price environment, but also examines the risks it poses for the MER strategy. We will ask what happens to assets that have changed hands in recent years and how the M&A landscape looks for the future.

Moving forward, we will confront the challenges facing the UKCS supply chain and think too about the importance of the role of the OGA. Longer-term, we will consider what the future might hold for a lower carbon North Sea, as well as discussing what next for decommissioning.

This webcast, took place on Thursday 21 May 2020. 

PE Live: The OFSE sector: navigating the price decline
11 May 2020

The OFSE sector is under severe pressure globally - given sharply lower oil prices, c.30pc capex cuts across the industry and continuously declining rig counts - and the challenges are particularly acute in the US shale oil sector. How should participants respond and how will the industry evolve?

The expert panel will consider:

•    The challenges the OFSE sector faces and the potential solutions
•    The role of technology, including digital transformation
•    The lessons that can be learned from the post-2014 era
•    How decarbonisation of production will be impacted
•    What the industry will look like when the crisis is over

This webcast took place on Thursday 14 May.  

Waves of Change: Charting the Energy Future
28 November 2019

For nearly forty years, CERAWeek has provided an integrated framework for understanding what’s ahead for global energy markets, geopolitics, and technology. Some of the greatest minds from across the energy spectrum gather to share insight on the nature and pace of change shaping the future of the energy realm. Over 5,500 delegates from more than 85 countries participated in CERAWeek 2019.

This year’s theme: Waves of Change: Charting the Energy Future has special resonance in the oil and gas industries as we experience an unprecedented transformation of the global energy system. Strategic confrontations and trade wars; energy demands in a world of slower growth; disruptive technologies, digitalization, clean tech and new energy pathways; globalization of natural gas and the new wave of LNG; inter-fuel competitions; and climate concerns are forcing decisions and policy change. How will you navigate these changes?

Gain insights, engage with industry experts and peers at the world’s premier energy conference 9-13 March 2020 in Houston. Find a diversity of perspective and experiences at CERAWeek 2020.


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Insights into the Energy Future™
8 November 2018

Fluctuating oil and gas prices, a fractious geopolitical situation, and disruptive new technologies are all creating uncertainty in the energy sector. Gain an integrated global perspective on the energy future by joining top thought leaders as they discuss strategies, challenges and policies impacting the industry.

CERAWeek by IHS Markit offers a unique opportunity to engage with fellow executives, policymakers, and global influencers committed to addressing the critical issues that will shape the energy future in coming months and for years to come.

More than just a conference, CERAWeek is a community of thought leaders fostering senior-level collaboration and dialogue across the energy spectrum. Relationships formed at CERAWeek have enduring value and impact. Discuss. Learn. Network.

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Petroleum Economist glossary

The Petroleum Economist glossary is a comprehensive tool built to enable readers to better understand oil and gas markets.