Is your Digital Twin truly collaborative?
7 October 2020

When it comes to modernizing Capital Project delivery do you know your options?
Digital Twin technology is at the heart of every modern plant and processing asset. Read our whitepaper to discover how cloud technology is accelerating operators’ and EPCs' digital transformation.

Engineering in the Cloud
10 September 2020

Change is the new normal for Capital Projects

Capital Projects have earned a notorious reputation for being over budget and overschedule. Far-reaching reforms are underway, however, as Owner-Operators and EPCs turn to a powerful combination of cloud-based technology and new working processes to achieve transformational, data-driven improvements in Capital Project delivery.

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Accelerating digital transformation in oil and gas
20 October 2020
Digitalisation has the power to reshape business strategies across the oil and gas sector. New technologies help drive down costs, improve efficiencies and offer fresh opportunities for value creation. This year, the Covid-19 pandemic has only underlined the importance of digital solutions, with traditional office work upended and employees collaborating virtually across the world. At Petroleum Economist, in association with Publicis Sapient, we spoke with industry leaders to find out their views on the forces driving the transformation. The report that follows expands upon these findings, examining the key motivating factors for adopting new technologies, the hurdles holding firms back and the appetite for greater change, among many other themes.
The Future of LNG and Natural Gas Infrastructure
20 August 2020
LNG and natural gas are critical parts of an interconnected global energy system. New directions are shaping the industry and there are opportunities for players who can adapt. International law firm Ashurst surveyed LNG industry leaders across the Asia-Pacific region to ask how they thought the sector was responding to changing dynamics and what they think the future may hold. This has resulted in a brand new report, available now.
Energy Transition Review
5 May 2020
The energy transition will be a multi-faceted process with each contributing energy source offering enormous potential but often bringing new challenges. The oil and gas sector is rapidly improving efficiency and reducing its carbon footprint, but can this be done around the world at reasonable cost? The boom in renewables continues apace, across ever more markets around the world, but requires peak demand support and smart grid management. And green hydrogen potentially offers a carbon-neutral high energy density fuel, but can it be cost competitive at scale? In this report, industry experts identify problems and present potential solutions.
PE Live: Can Shipping Be Decarbonised by 2050?
20 October 2020

The International Maritime Organization has set an ambitious target to reduce the CO2 emissions of international shipping by at least 40pc by 2030 and towards 70pc by 2050. But how can the industry be decarbonised at a cost that is not unduly detrimental to global trade?

Momentum to meet this goal is certainly building, but industry players are still searching for workable strategies and business models. Shell, in collaboration with Deloitte and working with many leaders in the industry, has completed a major new piece of research that investigates what needs to be done to unlock the changes necessary for decarbonisation.

This webcast will draw on this research to establish the current state of the industry, the attributes of lower-carbon alternatives and economically viable pathways to a decarbonised future.

An expert panel has been assembled to discuss:

  • Potential CO2 gains from decarbonising shipping
  • Current efforts being made by the industry
  • The role of cross-industry collaboration among regulators, fuel suppliers, shipping firms and others
  • The viability of leading low-carbon contenders such as LNG and ammonia
  • Strategies and business models for companies seeking to contribute to decarbonisation


This webcast is due to take place on Thursday 29 October
2pm GMT | 9am CDT | 10am EST

PE Live: Is Covid-19 accelerating the digital business transformation of oil & gas?
2 October 2020

Digital technologies are rapidly transforming every aspect of oil and gas value chains. New tools are being leveraged to help drive down costs, improve efficiencies and disrupt legacy business models and strategies. Covid-19 and volatile market conditions have only accelerated the importance of laying down the digital groundwork for future value creation.

Petroleum Economist, in association with Publicis Sapient, will host a PE Live webcast to explore the outcomes of our extensive survey of industry leaders. You can download a summary of the results HERE. ​​Respondents identified the technologies that they believe have the greatest impact and the main barriers to further adoption, among many other themes.

This webinar will unpick the central findings of the survey and use them as a springboard to a wider conversation surrounding digitalisation in oil and gas. The expert panel will discuss the impact of Covid-19 on the appetite for digitalisation, the importance of digital investment amid volatile oil and gas market, greatest ROI opportunities in midstream and downstream sectors, barriers and risks to digital transformation project, case studies of successful implementation

Taking place on 21 October - register today!

A Day in the Life of a Digital Twin connected worker
20 August 2020

Digital Twin is no longer a buzzword in the industrial world, but something every modern player is implementing to modernize both their capital project and operational asset strategies. But what the industry hasn’t aligned on is this: What is a true digital twin, and how can it be utilized to extract value across the asset lifecycle?
Steve Parvin, Information Management Segment Lead at AVEVA, walks through the day in the life of different workers. 

The webcast was recorded on Wednesday, September 23, 2020

World Gas Map, 2020 edition
13 January 2020

Gives you a comprehensive overview of the global natural gas industry, showing the location of all major gasfields; pipelines; LNG plants and terminals; and GTL projects.

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Interactive World Gas Map, 2020 edition
11 December 2019

The Interactive World Gas Map is a source of information and data relating to the global gas industry. The platform serves as a single reference source for all gas projects across the globe and allows users to interrogate project information, export and manipulate data, produce production quality bespoke maps, and create custom reports. 

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Waves of Change: Charting the Energy Future
28 November 2019

For nearly forty years, CERAWeek has provided an integrated framework for understanding what’s ahead for global energy markets, geopolitics, and technology. Some of the greatest minds from across the energy spectrum gather to share insight on the nature and pace of change shaping the future of the energy realm. Over 5,500 delegates from more than 85 countries participated in CERAWeek 2019.

This year’s theme: Waves of Change: Charting the Energy Future has special resonance in the oil and gas industries as we experience an unprecedented transformation of the global energy system. Strategic confrontations and trade wars; energy demands in a world of slower growth; disruptive technologies, digitalization, clean tech and new energy pathways; globalization of natural gas and the new wave of LNG; inter-fuel competitions; and climate concerns are forcing decisions and policy change. How will you navigate these changes?

Gain insights, engage with industry experts and peers at the world’s premier energy conference 9-13 March 2020 in Houston. Find a diversity of perspective and experiences at CERAWeek 2020.


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Insights into the Energy Future™
8 November 2018

Fluctuating oil and gas prices, a fractious geopolitical situation, and disruptive new technologies are all creating uncertainty in the energy sector. Gain an integrated global perspective on the energy future by joining top thought leaders as they discuss strategies, challenges and policies impacting the industry.

CERAWeek by IHS Markit offers a unique opportunity to engage with fellow executives, policymakers, and global influencers committed to addressing the critical issues that will shape the energy future in coming months and for years to come.

More than just a conference, CERAWeek is a community of thought leaders fostering senior-level collaboration and dialogue across the energy spectrum. Relationships formed at CERAWeek have enduring value and impact. Discuss. Learn. Network.

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Petroleum Economist glossary

The Petroleum Economist glossary is a comprehensive tool built to enable readers to better understand oil and gas markets.