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Petroleum Economist writes features each month based on news from the ground. However, we also plan in-depth features and reports each year to give you a picture of the energy industry beyond the headlines. Take a look at our editorial calendar to see what's coming up. 


In depth


Iran faces its toughest economic and political challenge in decades. The imposition of US sanctions on Iran's oil sector will hit the country's economy far harder than under any previous sanctions regime. Trump's attempts to force traditional buyers of Iranian crude to stop imports are succeeding. Petroleum Economist takes a deep dive, examining Iran's oil export options, its attempts to by-pass the US banking system and the extent to which its indigenous industries—set up by necessity during earlier sanctions—can keep the economy afloat and avert social unrest.



Crude may have remained unaffected by the China-US trade spat, but other US energy imports, such as LPG and LNG have not been so lucky. Nor is the energy industry immune from the conflict's impacts on the wider Chinese economy. The country's oil supply and refining, petrochemicals and power generation fuels sectors are all going through rapid change. We will look at how these factors will play out against both the external and internal tensions affecting the Chinese economy.

Forward intelligence

The majors in 2019

Confidence that the oil price will remain at its higher levels are growing, as are the coffers of the international oil companies (IOCs). But moving from a focus on cost cutting and efficiencies into a more expansive phase holds risks as well as rewards. We will examine in turn where BP, Chevron, Eni, ExxonMobil, Shell and Total are currently positioned and where their strategies might take them in the next 12 months.

Company profile


Austria's OMV has been one of the more active players in European energy's M&A space in the past 15 years, even though some of its biggest potential deals have remained unconsummated. Proceeds from divestments have previously been swiftly recycled into new investments, and the firm's most recent major deal was a sale. Petroleum Economist looks at how OMV's strategy has developed, and where it might be headed next.

The ledger

Private equity in the North Sea

Private equity-backed independent producer Neptune has snapped up the upstream arm of German midstreamer VNG to add to its May 2017 purchase of the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS) assets of France's Engie. This is just the latest deal in a trend of private equity investment in acreage in both NCS and UK waters. Petroleum Economist will shine a spotlight on what the value proposition is for these new entrants into what is a mature, but in no way a sunset, hydrocarbon province, and what their ultimate exit strategies might be.

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