Author: Tom Nicholls
Cleaning and greening Indian energy
16 November 2016
New Delhi has signed up to the Paris climate-change agreement. Now it needs a cogent plan for natural gas
Petronas - an unusual NOC
13 October 2016
Low oil prices have hurt, but Petronas is adapting
An enormous opportunity
26 August 2016
Coal and oil will be the mainstays of Indian energy demand for decades, but gas and renewables can play a bigger role than many expect
The making of an LNG bonanza
26 August 2016
Costly imports, weak domestic prices and poor infrastructure have stymied India’s gas market. But things are changing, fast
Cairn India: Private oil dynamo
26 August 2016
Cairn India is deploying technology and human capital across the upstream, strengthening its place as the country’s leading private oil and gas firm
Help is at hand
26 August 2016
India has revamped some upstream terms, much to the industry’s relief
India's oil minister: 'We want to increase gas consumption'
13 July 2016
Natural gas is cheap, abundant and cleaner than other fossil fuels. It’s the fuel for India, says the oil and natural gas minister, Dharmendra Pradhan
Nuclear power in the EU has fallen out of fashion
25 May 2016
Nuclear is more prone to popularity peaks and troughs than many other energy sources, and it’s not looking good at the moment
Has Europe cracked its energy-security problem?
25 May 2016
The panic of previous years has abated, but the EU can still do more to help itself
North Sea output heads south
29 April 2016
Slowing offshore activity in the UK and Norway is prompting support
Corporate adapter
6 April 2016
ConocoPhillips has reinvented itself again, exiting deep-water exploration and betting on flexible US production
Brexit schmexit
15 March 2016
A UK vote to leave the EU wouldn’t much affect the North Sea. It has bigger fish to fry
Why hasn’t the price crash brought a wave of corporate deals?
15 March 2016
The M&A activity that does occur will predominantly involve assets rather than full takeovers – a continuation of the clear trend seen last year, when asset transactions made up 80% of upstream deals
The storm nears in the North Sea
25 February 2016
UK and Norwegian oil output has defied gravity for the past year, but the slowdown will become plain in 2016
Why oil investors won’t be rushing into Iran’s upstream just yet
12 February 2016
Good reasons to invest in Iran’s energy sector abound. But for now discretion remains the better part of valour
Shell and BG: 1 + 1 = 5
8 February 2016
LNG and Brazil will create immense long-term value for Shell and BG Group
UKCS: still got it at 50
21 January 2016
Despite low oil prices and extensive job losses, UK North Sea production isn't going into meltdown
CCS: Just do it
28 October 2010
Carbon capture and storage is making progress, but governments will need to accelerate its deployment significantly
Project approval/reserves boost for Southern Pacific
21 October 2010
Alberta government confirms Southern Pacific Resource’s STP-McKay Thermal Project
Cenovus open to Chinese investment
24 August 2010
Cenovus's extensive oil-sands resources mean "decades of double-digit growth". And the firm may accelerate development through a series of partnerships – possibly with Chinese investors, says Chief executive Brian Ferguson
The oil sands' environmental tests
29 July 2010
Canada's oil-sands operators must source water from the Athabasca River without damaging its ecosystem and clean up 40 years' worth of toxic waste. Can they handle their water problem?
A decade in energy
1 July 2010
The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico will impact more than just the economy, BP and the US oil patch
Kaleidoscope: Super seismic
2 June 2010
Seismic interpretation has long been the biggest non-military consumer of computing power. Repsol's Kaleidoscope project ups the ante
Colombia predicts a bright upstream future, as oil production rises
4 January 2010
The recession has not damaged Colombia's petroleum industry, says the country's upstream regulator.
Iraqi oil awards signal brighter upstream future
1 December 2009
After the award of three large upstream contracts, Iraq's prospects as an oil producer are looking much brighter
Pragmatism the key to green progress
9 March 2009
Engineering a sustainable building is easy, says Max Fordham. But poor planning is preventing progress
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