Author: Shaun Polczer
Oklahoma reaches for the Scoop
31 October 2012
It’s called the Scoop — the South Central Oklahoma Oil Province — and it could be North America’s biggest and most productive unconventional shale play yet
US unveils Gulf of Mexico lease sale
31 October 2012
The Department of Interior is planning its second lease sale in the western Gulf of Mexico since the 2010 Macondo blowout
Marathon sales net $1.1bn for Eagle Ford
29 October 2012
Marathon Oil has signed asset-sale deals worth more than $1.1 billion, which it plans to spend at its Eagle Ford shale project
IHS sees $5.1 trillion in US unconventional spending by 2035
25 October 2012
Investments in tight oil and shale gas development will surge to more than $5.1 trillion over the next two decades, according to a new report by consultancy IHS Cera
Oil-sands oversight body aims to clean tarred image
23 October 2012
Alberta is looking to clean up its sullied oil-sands image with the creation of an independent environmental monitoring agency
Canada cans Petronas offer
23 October 2012
While it espouses the need for foreign investment in its energy sector, Canada is proving reluctant to give up control of its domestic producers
Murphy latest US firm to disintegrate amid downstream shift
18 October 2012
Murphy Oil’s decision to hive off its refining business is the latest and surest sign of an ongoing structural shift in the US downstream
Canada extends Nexen review
17 October 2012
Canada’s federal government has extended the review of China National Offshore Oil Corporation’s (CNOOC) proposed C$15.1 billion ($15.4 billion) takeover of Nexen, amid growing political criticism of the deal
Shale gas ‘may spark US manufacturing boom’
17 October 2012
Shale gas offers US manufacturers a $150-billion opportunity to diversify into the downstream sector, consultancy PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) claims
Canada should think twice about CNOOC's bid for Nexen
16 October 2012
Alberta wants to sell oil to China. Ottawa needs to reconsider the takeover, argues Shaun Polczer, Petroleum Economist's North America editor, claiming that an inflated bid for lacklustre assets is not a sound basis for a good relationship
Colder winter to spur US natural gas demand, says EIA
11 October 2012
In a recent outlook, the EIA forecasts higher US demand for heating fuels
Oilfield service earnings shifting away from North America
11 October 2012
After two years of robust growth, major oilfield service companies saw their North American margins shrink in the first half of 2012, according to a new study by IHS
North Slope partners unveil ambitious LNG plans
9 October 2012
Alaska’s North Slope producers have outlined plans for what would be one of the largest and most ambitious liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects in the world
BP gains $2.5bn for Texas City refinery
9 October 2012
The sale of the refinery will bring the UK supermajor closer to meeting targets
Gulf of Mexico to reach new equilibrium after Macondo spill
8 October 2012
High levels of investment and good exploration prospects will drive the area forward
BHP presses ahead with US shale gas
3 October 2012
BHP Billiton plans to press ahead with an ambitious US shale-gas agenda despite low natural gas prices and crippling write downs on the carrying value of its onshore assets
Early Utica drilling results ‘encouraging’ says IHS
3 October 2012
Early drilling results from the Utica shale in Ohio are encouraging, a report by consultancy IHS Cera, released on 3 October, said
Courts dismiss New York fracking suit
2 October 2012
A US court has dismissed a suit filed by the state of New York seeking to block hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in the Delaware basin while regulatory agencies consider regulations governing the practice
A question of balance: US energy independence or security
26 September 2012
Mitt Romney’s energy strategy promises to reach for the stars. Barack Obama’s may be more realistic. Shaun Polczer reports on the US election
EIA estimates Alaska oil production could cease by 2026
26 September 2012
Alaska’s once-vaunted oil production could fall to nil as early as 2026, according to new estimates by the US Energy Information Administration (EIA)
ExxonMobil doubles down on Bakken
26 September 2012
After nearly three years of sitting on the sidelines, ExxonMobil has re-entered the US acquisition market with a $1.6-billion purchase of Bakken assets
Mexico looks for closer gas ties with US
26 September 2012
Despite reluctance to open its oil sector to foreign investors, Mexico is seeking to expand unconventional natural gas cooperation with the US, including investment in exploration, production and pipelines
Aramco ramps up hunt for Saudi unconventionals
26 September 2012
Saudi Aramco is looking to delineate unconventional tight-oil and shale-gas resources using expertise gleaned from the US
BG joins Canada LNG race
20 September 2012
UK-based BG Group and Houston-based Spectra Energy Corporation are poised to build and operate an 850 km pipeline which will carry feedstock to a liquefied natural gas plant on the British Columbia (BC) coast
BG joins Canada LNG race with pipeline plans
20 September 2012
BG Group and Spectra Energy Corporation are poised to build and operate an 850 km pipeline
US delays decision on LNG exports
20 September 2012
A decision to withhold approvals for US liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports will leave domestic producers cooling their heels until after presidential elections