Author: Shaun Polczer
Oil sands boost sees Canada book record output
9 May 2013
Production hit an all-time high in Alberta, which is generates the most oil production in Canada
Cheniere's Louisiana plant takes export lead in US
3 May 2013
A company founded to import LNG is ready to begin exporting cheap US gas
US Geological Survey doubles Bakken reserves estimate
2 May 2013
A new assessment found much larger oil deposits than previously thought at Bakken and Three Forks formations in North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana
USGS doubles Bakken reserves estimate
2 May 2013
A new resource assessment by the US Geological Survey (USGS) has doubled previous reserve estimates of the Bakken and Three Forks formations in North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana
Henry Hub natural gas price shifts to global benchmark
30 April 2013
US gas players face crossroads as North American natural gas is moving away from being a regional price point to become a global benchmark
Tight oil fuels North American rail resurgence
22 April 2013
The train network is rapidly becoming integral to energy transport in the US, a role that could aid the rise of unconventionals
Ultra-deep makes a splash with new discovery
10 April 2013
As exploration ramps up in the Gulf of Mexico, the Lower Tertiary and Paleogene plays have become hot prospects
US tight oil production leaving Nigeria under pressure
26 March 2013
Rising tight-oil production in the US threatens to unravel Nigeria’s oil exports
Marcellus tops Haynesville as leading US gas play
25 March 2013
A new IHS report points to a new leader for the North American market, writes Shaun Polczer
Obama eyes oil revenues for clean energy
25 March 2013
The US president plans to earmark $2 billion of oil and gas revenues to fund alternative energy research
Chevron plans to double US tight-oil output by 2017
14 March 2013
The aim is part of a five year plan to increase global output to 3.3 million b/d
Talisman and SBM walk away from Norway's Yme field
14 March 2013
Yme field project to be cancelled to save on costs
Keystone XL pipeline clears US State Department review
4 March 2013
US State Department has report is positive for the Keystone XL pipeline
Shell takes pause from returning to Alaskan drilling
28 February 2013
Regulatory authorities and Shell are investigating the problems that hit the 2012 drilling programme
Sinopec deal boosts Mississippi Lime shale play
28 February 2013
The Chinese state-run company makes a $1.02 billion deal with Chesapeake Energy in the southern US
Gas To Liquid technology pushes at the margins
26 February 2013
Turning natural gas into diesel has many advantages, especially in the US
New fuel economy standards bringing changes to US
22 February 2013
New standards in the US will bring big changes to the country’s vehicle fleet
E&Y sees busy year for global oil and gas M&A
15 February 2013
The consultancy carried out a study which suggests 37% of companies are planning M&A activity
Obama vows clean energy shift for US in State of the Union
14 February 2013
If there were any doubts about US president Barack Obama’s determination to tackle climate change, it was put to rest in his State of the Union speech on 13 February
Suncor rethinks strategy as unconventionals' rise changes supply mix
7 February 2013
North America's changing supply mix is prompting Canadian oil-sands producer Suncor Energy to rethink its strategy
Canada's Kearl costs jump 63% over budget
5 February 2013
The newly-commissioned Kearl mine is the latest jewel in Canada’s oil-sands crown, but it is also the costliest
Obama sets ambitious energy agenda for his second term
29 January 2013
The US president used his inaugural address to reaffirm his commitment to tackling climate change
Plunge in NGLs prices add to US gas producers' woes
29 January 2013
North American producers have, since the collapse in Henry Hub prices, relied on higher-value liquids to offset low natural gas prices, but the hedge is ending