Author: Shaun Polczer
Alberta feels the pain
20 January 2016
Home to the marginal barrel, Canada’s energy patch is hurting from the price collapse. But oil sands output is still rising and resistance is building
"The US is now our competitor"
18 January 2016
Margaret McCuaig-Boyd has one of the toughest jobs in global oil - reviving Alberta's oil sector in the face of wilting prices and persistent opposition. In an exclusive interview, Shaun Polczer meets the province's energy minister
China’s Yanchang makes Canada move despite restrictions
11 September 2013
Despite new restrictions on the role of state-owned enterprises in Canada, Chinese oil companies remain keen to gain a foothold in the country’s oil patch
China set to become world’s largest oil importer
22 August 2013
US crude imports have plummeted in recent years as producers have pumped more oil out of the Bakken and Eagle Ford shales and drivers have chosen more fuel-efficient vehicles
George Mitchell leaves larger-than-life legacy
19 August 2013
The godfather of fracking passes away aged 94
Canada sidesteps KXL with Energy East
12 August 2013
Faced with growing oil-sands production and delays to export pipelines to the US, Canada is moving ahead with a 1.1 million barrel a day (b/d) link from Alberta to the Atlantic coast
Selling is new driver of US M&A, says PwC report
12 August 2013
The US unconventional oil and gas sector are now driving merger and acquisition activity in the US
US looks to Canada for oil sands advice
30 July 2013
Governors from Mississippi and Alabama are seeking help developing their oil-sands deposits, writes Shaun Polczer
Mexico relies on US as oil supply falls and gas demand rises
18 July 2013
As its oil production keeps falling, Mexico is turning to natural gas to diversify its energy supply and fuel economic growth. Increasingly, it is relying on booming US supplies to do the job
Shell find adds to US Gulf deep-water stash
4 July 2013
Any doubts that the US Gulf of Mexico might be fading as a premier exploration frontier have been put to rest after Shell's 100 million barrel deep-water Vicksburg discovery
North America steps on the gas with new investment
27 June 2013
The four largest shale gas plays in the US will account for more than 10% of all North American upstream spending in 2013, according to UK consultants Wood Mackenzie
Obama’s climate conundrum: Oil and gas versus low emissions
26 June 2013
Barack Obama wants to cut carbon emissions. The US president also wants to increase domestic oil and gas production. Can he do both?
Capacity crunch
24 June 2013
Canada’s oil sands need new pipelines to new markets
Funding the oil sands
20 June 2013
Foreign investors, led by China and India, will underpin more development in Alberta
Canada's Atlantic refiners regroup after failing to find buyer
20 June 2013
Canada's east coast refining market is consolidating as the country reduces its dependence on offshore crude
US pumps up oil production volumes by 13.9%
14 June 2013
The US is leading the way in oil and gas production growth
EIA expecting losses in Gulf Of Mexico in hurricane season
13 June 2013
The agency expects around 19.3 million barrels of oil will be lost to storms in the season which began on 1 June and runs to 30 November
BP gives $1 billion upgrade boost to Alaska
6 June 2013
It will add two new rigs to the Prudhoe Bay field and upgrade existing facilities
Canada is cleaning up the image of its oil sands
31 May 2013
Big industrial projects are ugly. Under pressure, Canada is taking steps to improve the image of its oil sands
In situ: the next generation for oil production
31 May 2013
Oil sands projects are groundbreaking in the attempts to reach ‘inaccessable’ crude
Canada needs foreign investors to fund the oil sands
31 May 2013
Foreign investors, led by China and India, will underpin more development in Alberta
Road to riches: New proposals for Canadian oil sands
31 May 2013
Shaun Polczer drives into Canada's oily heartland. Men, money and machines travel north. Oil flows south
Canada’s key to oil-sands growth: Export routes
31 May 2013
The US is likely to approve Keystone XL. But Canada has realised that other export routes are necessary, too
Lack of pipeline threatening Canadian oil industry
31 May 2013
Canada’s oil sands need new pipelines to new markets
US cautiously pushes LNG exports as terminal approved
21 May 2013
The US government’s approval of a second liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminal in Texas is a sign that the world’s largest natural gas producer is on its way to becoming a global LNG exporter