Author: Shaun Polczer
Kearl expansion gets go-ahead
22 December 2011
Canada’s Imperial Oil approves an $8.9 billion expansion of the Kearl Oil Sands Project
EPA fracking report sparks industry row
22 December 2011
EPA study links fracking to groundwater contamination for the first time
Canada lays down Arctic drilling law
21 December 2011
Canada will allow drilling in its Arctic waters – but with strict restrictions - the country’s National Energy Board (NEB) concluded after a review of offshore drilling safety
Keystone XL refuses to die
20 December 2011
Keystone XL becomes an unlikely focal point after American lawmakers tie approval of the $7 billion oil sands pipeline to its deficit debate
Unconventional response for North American energy markets
15 December 2011
Rising unconventional oil and natural gas production in the US and Canada has altered the global energy balance
Alberta formally abandons nuclear plans
15 December 2011
Shale gas boom stops new reactors which had been planned in 2007
Canada rejects Kyoto; pushes ahead in oil sands
14 December 2011
Approval for Total's $8 billion Joslyn mine came after leaving the UN protocol
Full steam ahead for thermal oil sands
8 December 2011
Investment in and production from in situ oil-sands projects are rising, but the lack of export infrastructure may yet leave Alberta ‘landlocked in bitumen’
Canada lays Kyoto treaty to rest
7 December 2011
Despite abandoning Kyoto, Canadian policy is driving efficiency and technological advances that are reducing emissions
Changing of the guard for Suncor
5 December 2011
Veteran chief executive Rick George to step down next year
BP takes another big step out of Canada
2 December 2011
BP is further reducing its Canadian presence with the $1.7bn sale of its natural gas liquids (NGLs) business
China ups its oil-sands investment
1 December 2011
CNOOC’s take-over of Opti Canada steps up China’s oil-sands presence
Inpex joins Canadian shale-gas rush
1 December 2011
$700 million venture with Nexen to drill in British Columbia’s Horn River
Hardy Haynesville shale hangs on
30 November 2011
Even without high-value NGLs to compensate for depressed US gas prices, the prolific Haynesville play is still going strong. Shaun Polczer reports from Lufkin, Texas
Canada primes pumps for oil export boom
24 November 2011
Canada’s net oil available for export will hit record levels by 2035, driven by increasing oil-sands production, says the country’s National Energy Board (NEB).
Bakken heralds first US refinery in years
24 November 2011
Dakota Oil Processing plans the construction of the first new US refinery in decades
Louisiana longs for Gulf drilling revival
22 November 2011
It's a long way back for post-Deepwater Horizon developments in the US Gulf of Mexico
Eagle Ford Shale takes flight
21 November 2011
Despite US natural gas prices in freefall, it’s full-steam ahead for Texas’s liquids-rich Eagle Ford play, providing an economic shot in the arm for the state
Keystone XL alternatives prompt strategy shift
17 November 2011
The race to supply US refineries from Canada’s oil sands shifted into high gear as rival pipelines moved to outflank each other following last week’s rejection of Keystone XL
Wrangler, the end of the line for XL
11 November 2011
Enbridge touts “significant commitments” for expansion of its mainline system to the Gulf coast
The US' heady hopes and dreams for shale gas
10 November 2011
Are advancing plans for US LNG exports the next stage of the shale gas revolution, or is it a sign that these huge unconventional resources are simply uneconomic?
Efficiency gains key to dispel fracking fears
10 November 2011
Industry aims to increase production while easing environmental concerns
Keystone XL all but dead as special investigation is announced
8 November 2011
The US State Department has a tack in its left hand and a hammer in its right. The final nail in Keystone XL’s coffin is about to be struck
Ted the Terrible downplays oil sands in favour of clean energy
3 November 2011
Alberta's new energy minister, Ted Morton, is reaching out to Canada, downplaying the oil sands in favour of new, clean-energy technology
Nebraska: Keystone XL opposition’s Ground Zero
27 October 2011
Nebraska looks set to be the key state in the battle against the $7 billion Keystone oil-sands pipeline
USGS pegs Green River oil-shale at 1.5 trillion barrels
26 October 2011
Estimates of North American oil-shale reserves keep climbing, with the US Geological Survey (USGS) claiming Wyoming’s Green River could hold as much as 1.45 trillion barrels