Author: Rodrigo Lucchesi
New Petrobras boss gets warm reception
7 December 2018
Appointment of ‘Chicago Boy’ to head state-owned giant reinforces reform agenda optimism
Brazil finding the balance
1 November 2018
The country faces key downstream and infrastructure challenges
Brazil's energy reform at stake in election showdown
25 October 2018
The energy sector will see a reform agenda gain momentum from a Bolsonaro win, but a change in direction if Haddad can pull off an unlikely comeback
The Petrobras-government tussle
17 April 2018
A deal between the state-run firm and the Brazilian government could lead to a mega bidding round
Latin America lines up bid rounds
26 March 2018
Attractive auctions will see the region compete for international investors
Brazil back on track
2 March 2018
This year should see Brazil's recovery deepen, but also holds the risk of a presidential election derailing it