Author: Kwok W Wan
US Bakken tight-oil output to overtake Iraq
16 August 2012
Total US unconventional oil production may surpass second- and third-largest Opec members by 2020
Volatile markets batter majors' numbers, especially BP
1 August 2012
Volatile oil and gas prices dented earnings for the industry’s major players in the second quarter, with British supermajor BP reporting the worst of a set of disappointing results
US Bakken tight-oil output to overtake Iraq
20 July 2012
US unconventional oil production may surpass the second and third-largest Opec members by 2020
Search for liquids pushes US gas output higher
19 July 2012
Production has risen for a sixth consecutive year, as demand also increases
Japan restarts nuclear reactor despite backlash
16 July 2012
Japan ramped up reactor three, at the Ohi nuclear power plant, to full power this week, despite huge protests and a damning government-commissioned report into the Fukushima disaster
Gas still bound by oil link in global markets
10 July 2012
GDF Suez’s Jean-Marie Dauger explained to Kwok W Wan why diversity is key to gas’s golden age
Gazprom and E.On agree oil-link contract change
3 July 2012
German utility drops arbitration claim against Russian exporter
Nabucco West and TAP pipelines go head to head
2 July 2012
The Nabucco West Pipeline and the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline are two possible routes to carry gas to Europe
China shale-gas output 'still years away'
29 June 2012
Chinese oil and gas companies are not interested in developing shale gas, which means China is not expected to produce any significant shale-gas volumes for at least five years, former China National Petroleum Corp (CNPC) employee Xiaoyi Mu said
Sabine Pass LNG decision expected in days
29 June 2012
US energy firm Cheniere expects the final investment decision on its Sabine Pass liquefied natural gas (LNG) export project "in the next 30 days”, with company vice president of origination Ramzi Mroueh adding first cargoes are pencilled in for mid-2015
US LNG set to change price framework
25 June 2012
Asian liquefied natural gas buyers expect oil-link transition
Gazprom sees amicable end to gas contract row
20 June 2012
Arbitration filed against Russian exporter by European utilities are expected to end “amicably”
Oil-linked LNG not reasonable, says Japan Gas Association
11 June 2012
Japanese buyer wants imports linked to gas hub prices, rejects argument for oil-indexation
Inpex spends on upstream and LNG to shore up supply security
11 June 2012
Japanese energy player Inpex is keeping an eye on the future as it invests in foreign upstream developments, chief executive Toshiaki Kitamura tells Kwok W Wan in an exclusive interview
US using cheap gas to prop up economy, says Medvedev
8 June 2012
Gazprom's deputy chairman claims the US government is keeping domestic gas prices low in order to stimulate its economy
Medvedev: ‘US using cheap gas to prop up economy’
8 June 2012
The US government is keeping domestic gas prices lower than the rest of the world in a bid to stimulate its economy, Gazprom’s deputy chairman Alexander Medvedev claimed in a keynote address
E.On sees Europe’s gas future married to renewables
8 June 2012
The future of European gas is married to renewable energy and reforms of the carbon emissions trading system, the head of Germany’s E.On Ruhrgas and E.On Trading said in an exclusive interview with Petroleum Economist
Total CEO makes case for oil-linked LNG price
8 June 2012
Christophe de Margerie noted the pressure that will be on LNG producers to insist on oil-linked gas contracts to safeguard long-term returns
E.ON sees Europe’s gas future married to renewables
8 June 2012
The head of Germany's Germany’s E.ON Ruhrgas and E.ON Trading said the future is with renewables in Europe
India has potential to be a major gas importer
24 May 2012
With brand new liquefied natural gas infrastructure and new pipelines opening, India has the potential to be a major gas importer. But the government faces a dilemma which may scupper its gas ambitions. Does it deliver much-needed market reform or does it protect millions of citizens living below the poverty line?
US backlash against LNG exports despite increased production
11 May 2012
Despite increased shale-gas production and slumping prices, the business and environmental opposition against liquefaction plants grows stronger and loude
India’s gas prices: Two systems, one country
12 April 2012
There are two gas-pricing mechanisms in India: the Administered Pricing Mechanism (APM) and the regime included in the New Exploration Licensing Policy (Nelp)
Pakistan confirms commitment to the TAPI pipeline
12 April 2012
Delegates to the Asia Gas Partnership Summit in New Delhi broke into applause after Pakistan confirmed its commitment to the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) gas pipeline
US shale derails Australian CBM LNG plans
15 March 2012
US LNG exporters are using cheap shale gas to undercut Australia’s coal-bed methane, threatening billions of dollars in infrastructure investment
Opportunities grow as shippers chart course with LNG
8 March 2012
Rapid uptake of LNG-powered vessels presents multi-billion dollar opportunity for gas producers
Chevron lobbies Bulgaria to overturn frack ban
23 February 2012
Chevron is trying to convince the Bulgarian government to overturn a ban on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) imposed earlier this year on the back of  environmental concerns