Author: Derek Brower
Inside the Opec oil-price bubble
14 June 2012
Cartel meets as global economy teeters on brink
Opec rides into the storm as production remains high
8 June 2012
Despite all the political and economic issues, Opec's production is at record highs
Oil market is ripe for correction as supplies rise and demand falls
24 May 2012
Supplies are rising, demand is stuttering, the Iran issue is fading, and the global economic outlook is darkening. It leaves the oil market ripe for another correction
Iranian deal on the cards, but not yet
16 May 2012
Growing signs of that a deal with Iran over its nuclear programme is within reach could bring welcome relief to fragile economies battling with the effects of an inflated oil market. But the deal is far from done and the timing remains unclear
New book describes oil's paradox of plenty
4 April 2012
The oil curse is spreading to new petroleum producers. Derek Brower reviews a new book which explains why oil's grip remains so powerful and what can be done about it
East Mediterranean’s new play gets hotter
4 April 2012
Israel’s burgeoning gas reserves could transform a region
Taking on Tehran and the development of nuclear weapons
29 March 2012
Are sanctions really the way the way to stop Iran?
Iraq's oil production is rising, but political problems remain
13 March 2012
Iraqi oil production is rising, offering hope to the global market. But until the country resolves its political and logistical problems that optimism may prove misplaced
WTI’s structural shift: The US has a role in global oil market
16 February 2012
Don’t write off the US, its oil benchmark, or its currency just yet. The country’s role in the global oil market, said since 2007 to be losing its significance, will be decisive again
Iranian nuclear becomes threat to oil markets
16 February 2012
Iran’s nuclear ambition remains a threat to global oil markets, but not because of sanctions on its crude exports
Sowing the seeds of demand destruction
14 February 2012
With Brent trading at an 18-month high, the oil market’s bulls appear to have good reasons to celebrate. But the long-term outlook is far more troubling. A steep correction is on the cards
Talk of conflict in Hormuz is a red herring for oil market
5 January 2012
Talk of conflict in the Strait of Hormuz misses the real threat to the global oil market
2011: A year that defied predictions
21 December 2011
Anyone who, a year ago, said 2011 would see civil war in Libya; Muammar Qadhafi toppled and executed; revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt; a revolt in Syria; the quashing of a rebellion in Bahrain by Saudi Arabia; a new nuclear crisis; the near-collapse of the Eurozone; and a renewed pessimism in the global economy should be a candidate for some kind of Nobel prize
Opec united as storm clouds gather
15 December 2011
The cartel has picked a good time to patch up its differences, but first-quarter 2012 could be rocky for oil markets
Iran shrugs off new oil-sanctions threat
6 December 2011
New doubts have surfaced in Europe and US over plans to further target Iran’s oil industry. Saudi Arabia holds the key to any ban proposal
World Petroleum Congress optimistic about oil price
5 December 2011
The oil industry doesn’t expect a sharp drop in crude prices any time soon. The mood at the World Petroleum Congress is buoyant. Doha, the Qatari capital playing host this week, is putting on a good show
An alarming global energy outlook from the IEA
2 December 2011
The world needs more energy, but can scarcely afford to pay for it or burn it, says the IEA's World Energy Outlook
UK may join France in call for Iran oil export ban
24 November 2011
Crude import sanctions would hit southern European countries hardest
Iraq’s oil law impasse as ExxonMobil moves into KRG
23 November 2011
Shahristani fumes over ExxonMobil’s KRG fait accompli: Iraqi government seems powerless to act over supermajor’s Kurdistan deal
EU risks squandering its shale-gas riches
17 November 2011
For a continent on the verge of financial collapse, spending billions on gas imports is crazy when supply security sits in shales beneath its feet
US warned ExxonMobil of Kurdistan deal risk
14 November 2011
Shell asked UK government to help it secure contract in disputed region
Libya defies forecasts and quickly ramps up oil production
25 October 2011
The swift recovery of oil production defies outsiders’ expectations
After Qadhafi, the new test is uniting Libya
21 October 2011
The dictator's death ends the war in Libya. Can the NTC now govern with authority?
Yergin’s book optimistic in a pessimistic age
11 October 2011
Daniel Yergin’s The Quest provides the comprehensive story of energy, its politics and its problems. It’s an optimistic book in a pessimistic age
Libya oil output to double by November
10 October 2011
Leaked report provides updates on oil production from the all the country's fields; output nearing 370,000 b/d
Rivalries threaten Libya’s new rulers
3 October 2011
The NTC is struggling to control factional differences within the country. Will it be able to govern with authority?