Author: Derek Brower
Iraq's fractious politics weigh on oil sector
30 January 2013
Fears that country is teetering on the brink of civil war and the increasingly poisonous relations between Baghdad and Erbil may stymie Iraq's ambitions to boost crude production
Terror attack casts long shadow over Algeria’s troubled upstream
24 January 2013
BP fears the worst as the outcomes of the terror attack on Tigantourine wet-gas complex remain unknown
Oil fuels Iraq and Kurdistan political tensions
13 December 2012
Baghdad’s politics are a threat to the Kurdistan Regional Government’s energy ambitions. Can the Kurds transcend Iraq’s dysfunction?
Kurdistan eyes major role in Turkish gas market
13 December 2012
The region of Kurdistan holds promising large natural gas reserves
Iraq could be the next oil superpower despite obstacles
12 December 2012
To reach its potential, Iraq’s oil sector must overcome many obstacles
Opec: same quota, same secretary-general
12 December 2012
Cartel sticks to status quo, keeping production levels - and El-Badri - in place
Opec expected to roll over production ceiling
11 December 2012
Cartel likely to focus on El-Badri's successor rather than on changing output quotas
High oil prices are killing economies, says new book
10 December 2012
Jeff Rubin’s new book says high oil prices are killing economies. But his thesis is let down by some muddled thinking
World Energy Outlook: The IEA’s winners and losers
13 November 2012
The US will overtake leading producers within the next five years, says WEO
What Obama's second term means for global oil markets
7 November 2012
As the US gets back to business after a hard-fought presidential election campaign, the market may well turn bearish
Strategic stocks: Western nations have oil ready and waiting
31 October 2012
Western nations, battered by high oil prices, have ample crude oil in store should it be necessary
New book on Saudi Arabia important for the oil industry
30 October 2012
Karen Elliott House’s unsettling new book on Saudi Arabia is an essential guide to the mounting problems facing the country
Saudi Arabia remains the supply-side optimist
30 October 2012
New upstream developments and a transition away from crude-dependent power generation are essential if the kingdom is to maintain its oil-export strategy
ExxonMobil to quit West Qurna-1 services agreement
18 October 2012
US supermajor shuns south in favour of Kurdistan contracts
Iraq the makeweight in global supply, says IEA
9 October 2012
Oil-market stability hinges on rapid production growth in a country still riven by political conflict, believes the IEA
Fragile politics remain a threat to Iraq and its energy sector
26 September 2012
Rising production and a deal between Baghdad and the KRG are positive. But fragile politics remain a threat to Iraq
Saudi Arabia's quantitative oil easing
26 September 2012
The kingdom doesn't play the spot market, so its pledge to keep pumping can only do so much
The light dims for US and Iranian relations, says book
25 September 2012
A new book documenting US-Iran relations since 1979 will leave its readers very glum about the prospects for peace
Mena governments must loosen grip on energy sector
19 September 2012
Governments across Mena should loosen control of their energy sectors, allow private firms a greater share of the upstream and push development of vast natural gas deposits in a bid to diversify their economies and remain competitive, said one of the region’s rising energy stars
Oil prices are too high for global economy
11 September 2012
Neither a stock release nor the promise of Saudi oil is likely to break the market’s fever
The true impact of rising oil production on the US
30 August 2012
The division in oil consumption across the world is growing wider, restricting economic growth
US-led IEA stock release likely in September
24 August 2012
Soaring oil prices are likely to trigger a release of strategic oil stocks by Western consumer countries as soon as early September, according to several sources
Not quite scramble time for Libyan investors after elections
26 July 2012
Libya’s first post-Qadhafi elections had many positives. But clarity for investors is not yet among them
Sanctions on Iran have failed to spike the oil market
16 July 2012
Soaring Saudi output has given the West an advantage in its battle with Tehran
Uncertain future for Libya as new books track the country's past
10 July 2012
Two recent books tell the story of the uprising that toppled Muammar Qadhafi. But the new country’s future is still up for grabs
Saudi Arabia's efforts to balance the market are working
6 July 2012
The kingdom’s efforts to balance the market are working. It may herald a new era of oil abundance