Author: Derek Brower
Low oil prices will test US oil industry revival
2 July 2015
Cheaper energy prices will slow but not stop the American oil and gas revolution
Hope for peace negotiations in Libya
29 June 2015
Talks between Tobruk and Misrata offer more hope than the UN-led negotiations
Libyan fields could resume production after negotiations
29 June 2015
Libyan oil production could almost double, pouring more light oil into an oversupplied global market
Opec primes the pump
18 June 2015
The latest target rollover means more crude is on the way.
Opec commits to 30m barrels a day target
18 June 2015
The latest target rollover means more crude is on the way
Opec ready to stay the course after slow progress
22 May 2015
Prices need to fall again if the group's strategy to regain market share is to work
Change as Alberta election swings to the left
8 May 2015
The stunning victory for the NDP in the Canadian province's election will probably be less significant for the oil patch than many in the industry fear
Uncertainty looms for the energy market
7 May 2015
Traders believe the market may balance by the end of 2016, but until then the future is uncertain
The oil sands dig in
23 March 2015
Alberta's unconventional output will keep rising - for now. Derek Brower reports
Further fluctuations predicted for crude prices
20 March 2015
Rig counts, demand, contango, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Iran and ever-rising supplies from North America: they all point to further fluctuations in crude prices
Canadian unconventional oil production will keep rising
20 March 2015
While conventional oil sees cuts, Alberta's output will keep rising - for now
Dissecting Saudi oil minister Naimi’s speech
6 March 2015
Saudi oil minister Ali al-Naimi spoke in Berlin on 4 March, giving his view of the market and explaining the kingdom’s oil policy
The Gulf is an indispensable oil region
26 February 2015
For the world’s essential energy-producing region, weak oil prices are an opportunity
Kuwait views low oil prices as an opportunity for growth
26 February 2015
Falling oil prices have not yet persuaded the country to abandon its aggressive capacity growth plans
Khafji supposedly offline for environmental reasons
26 February 2015
The curious case of the Khafji oilfield and the disagreement by Saudi Arabia and Kuwait
Non-Opec producer Oman struggles with Opec policy
26 February 2015
Oman, a large non-Opec producer is struggling under the wilting oil price
Review: The Libyan Revolution and its Aftermath
10 February 2015
A new book helps explain why the revolution to topple Muammar Qadhafi turned sour so quickly
Naimi is to stay as oil minister in Saudi Arabia - for now
23 January 2015
Saudi Arabia has a new king, but Naimi and his policy stays - for now. With him at the helm, the kingdom's oil-market strategy of allowing prices to sink to curb supply from rival producers will also stay intact.
More price drops predicted as the market is yet to recover
19 January 2015
Oil prices could take some time to bounce back - and the rout is not over yet
Kashagan should not become a symbol for Asian oil
11 December 2014
Central Asia’s oil and gas are crucial to global energy balances, but the region is facing some lean years
Even lower prices await the oil industry
10 December 2014
The market is at last adjusting to the fundamentals of weak demand growth and burgeoning supply
A rebalancing of the petrodollar is starting
9 December 2014
As the latest multi-year rally in oil prices ends, a massive rebalancing of petrodollar is about to begin
Saudi Arabia gambles as Opec makes no cuts
29 November 2014
The kingdom’s shift in strategy is as risky as it was abrupt
Opec holds output steady amid talk of new price war
25 November 2014
The 30 million barrel a day (b/d) ceiling was retained, and prices dropped as a result of the announcement
Opec must decide between market share and oil price
23 October 2014
The legacy of Opec’s high oil-price strategy is now plain: rising supply and weakening demand growth. The group must decide whether to rescue its market share or the oil price
Pricey business
24 September 2014
Cost inflation has replaced market access as the biggest worry for operations in Canada's oil sands