Author: Derek Brower
One step forward, one back, for Libya rebels' oil exports
14 June 2011
Libya's rebels have found a way to export oil through a pipeline to Tobruk
Opec divided: Iran's risky battle with Saudi Arabia
9 June 2011
Opec’s Gulf states hold the aces – spare oil-production capacity – in a high-risk, high-profile spat between its members. Derek Brower reports from Vienna
Opec row sees angry Saudi Arabia shouldering output rise
8 June 2011
Naimi dubs Opec meeting "one of worst ever"
EXCLUSIVE: EU chokes Qadhafi's fuel supply
2 June 2011
Brussels tightens sanctions regime; Direct trade with Tripoli targeted
Testing time ahead for Opec
2 June 2011
Market woes and procedural headaches ahead as cartel meets in Vienna
Libya at the crossroads as Western powers intensify campaign
26 May 2011
Stifling Qadhafi’s fuel supplies might end the war. But, with the country’s political structures and its economy virtually destroyed, what comes after?
EXCLUSIVE: Nato arrests Libya-bound oil tanker
19 May 2011
Pressure increases to stop lifting of Ras Lanuf crude cargo; Ghanem in Vienna; TNC "to attend Opec meeting"
BP’s Rosneft deal is not dead yet
18 May 2011
BP's senior management, especially chief executive Robert Dudley, won’t be enjoying the headlines in today’s newspapers
EXCLUSIVE: Libya rebels spurn Ghanem
17 May 2011
Libya's rebel Transitional National Council (TNC) will not welcome Shokri Ghanem into the rebel east, despite his defection from Muammar Qadhafi’s regime, a source inside the TNC told Petroleum Economist today
EXCLUSIVE: Qadhafi sourcing fuel from Turkey and Italy
17 May 2011
Italian and Turkish fuel is still being shipped to government-controlled western Libya, providing Muammar Qadhafi's regime with fuel to sustain its war effort against rebels in the east
Opec’s oil-supply dilemma as Libyan conflict continues
17 May 2011
Next month’s Opec meeting in Vienna is shaping up to be a humdinger
EXCLUSIVE: Qadhafi frantic for fuel to sustain war effort
16 May 2011
Western Libya crude output halted; Regime seeking trade
EXCLUSIVE: Oil blow for Libya's rebels
11 May 2011
Misla and Sarir shut in "indefinitely"; Insurgents claim Qadhafi busting sanctions
The war for Libya’s oil
27 April 2011
Derek Brower reports from inside the rebel-held east of the country
EXCLUSIVE: Libyan rebels will reward their ‘friends’
20 April 2011
Libya’s TNC shuts door on Ghanem; post-conflict oil output to soar; Tarhouni vows to honour Qadhafi-era contracts
EXCLUSIVE: Libya rebels eye oil restart in weeks
19 April 2011
The resumption of oil production, and exports, from rebel-controlled Libyan oilfields is vital to the success of the insurgency
BP's Russian pips about to squeak as BP Rosneft deal likely
11 April 2011
A strategic deal between BP and Rosneft is likely to go ahead, but the TNK shareholders will exact a hefty price
Texas governor asks Clinton to back Keystone XL
7 April 2011
Texas governor Rick Perry has written to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asking her to approve a controversial pipeline from the Canadian oil sands to the US Gulf coast
EIA tots up ‘vast’ shale resources
7 April 2011
Shale gas adds 40% to global reserves, but cache could expand
Oil-sands water monitoring inadequate, says Alberta
10 March 2011
Alberta needs a more “robust” regime, says environment minister Rob Renner
The great recession is over, says Opec secretary general
24 February 2011
The world's economy has nothing to fear from $100/b oil, says Opec secretary general Abdalla El-Badri
Hillary Clinton should approve Keystone XL
24 February 2011
Pragmatism should prevail in the dispute over the controversial pipeline
BP's alliance with Rosneft a master stroke
27 January 2011
Despite a year of difficulties, BP's latest Russian venture shows the UK supermajor is still playing at the top table
Oil market is talking itself into demand destruction
27 January 2011
The oil market is talking itself into another bout of demand destruction
Oil-sands’ regulators under fire
16 December 2010
Alberta environmental assessment “deficient”, weaker than elsewhere; but many ecological worries about pollution unfounded, RSC says
Ezra Levant's new book champions the oil-sands
14 December 2010
Polemical by nature, a controversial Canadian author is on a quest to save the battered image of the oil sands