Author: Derek Brower
Libya oil exports at 400,000 b/d within two weeks
3 October 2011
Waha complex to be ready within two months, 1 million b/d due on stream by March and the Zawiyah refinery is now on line
Libya’s Sharara field ready for exports within two weeks
27 September 2011
The country’s oil output is resuming more quickly than forecast and the Zawiyah refinery will start processing east Libyan crude on 30 September
UK firm lobbies Hague over Libya security deal
23 September 2011
NTC says Heritage Oil offer "unacceptable". Company’s go-between claims inside track with new oil figure
Johnny West's book on understanding the Arab Spring
23 September 2011
Johnny West’s book gives a street view of why a region erupted. It’s an essential guide to North Africa’s Berlin Wall moment
Libya nears appointment of new oil minister
20 September 2011
Internal rivalries are still hitting the National Transitional Council’s (NTC) efforts to form a new Libyan government and uncertainty hangs over the future of Mahmoud Jibril, the fledgling government’s second-in-command
EXCLUSIVE: Libya to flow at 1 million b/d within five months
5 September 2011
NOC chief Berouin sets output targets for Libyan production
Libyan oil's fraught return to market after Qadhafi era
1 September 2011
Oil production has resumed, but as Libya steps out of Qadhafi’s shadow, what comes next?
EXCLUSIVE: Full Libyan oil output in four to six months
24 August 2011
Libya could reach pre-war levels of oil production within four to six months of the regime's collapse
Fuel on the Fire book: The war for Iraqi oil beyond the cliché
9 August 2011
A new book about the invasion of Iraq and its aftermath should trouble even the most ardent liberal interventionist. Author Greg Muttitt talks to Derek Brower
Exclusive: Qadhafi talks oil-tanker sales with Russians
8 August 2011
Russian investors are on the verge of buying a fleet of oil tankers from Libya’s state-owned General National Maritime Transport (GNMTC), says a source close to the negotiations
Libya rebels seize gasoline tanker
3 August 2011
Libyan rebel forces last night boarded a fuel tanker belonging to Muammar Qadhafi’s regime, seized it and are sailing the vessel laden with gasoline to Benghazi
The West’s self-destructive oil demand
1 August 2011
The billions of dollars flowing to oil producers from insatiable Western consumers are restricting economic growth. Something has to give
Libya's rebels have political support, now they need cash
27 July 2011
Political support is welcome, but Libya's rebels need the cash their allies have promised
Exclusive: Qadhafi regime bids to sell shipping fleet
21 July 2011
Libya’s state-owned shipping firm is asking two Asian companies to take control of its fleet as the regime steps up efforts to secure cash to sustain its war effort
Exclusive: Libya rebels ready to begin pumping oil
15 July 2011
Oil output could reportedly reach 180,000 barrels a day (b/d) in the short term
Libyan rebels advance, but troubles await
14 July 2011
Qadhafi cannot hang on much longer. But what comes after for Libya and the country’s oil sector? Derek Brower reports
IEA should stand back: The oil market will correct itself
14 July 2011
The IEA should resist the pleas of Western politicians, stand back, and let the oil market correct itself
Israel’s plan to wean the world off oil with technology
7 July 2011
The Israeli government hopes technology will green the country – and weaken its oil-rich neighbours
Israel drills for energy security amid political troubles
1 July 2011
Politics and geology are aligning to speed development of Israel’s new natural gas wealth
France bans fracking
1 July 2011
Senate voted 176 to 151 to approve a law banning practice
Exclusive: Tunisia bank helping Qadhafi evade fuel embargo
28 June 2011
Alubaf International Bank Tunis is providing a letter of credit to traders willing to break an embargo on supplies of fuel to parts of Libya still under Muammar Qadhafi’s control
IEA pricks oil’s bubble by releasing strategic stocks
23 June 2011
The IEA’s release of crude from strategic stocks is less about Libya than about the global economy – and it should send oil prices tumbling
Qadhafi loyalists replace Ghanem in top oil job
20 June 2011
Omran Abukraa has been appointed chairman of Libya’s state-owned National Oil Company
Oil market boom set to bust
17 June 2011
Is the crude oil market on the verge of another spectacular collapse? There are seven good reasons to believe a sell-off is on the way
Opec: Volatility the name of the game
16 June 2011
Global economy "out of the woods"; "$100/b oil is reasonable"; "Saudi Arabia needs Opec", says the cartel’s secretary general, Abdalla El-Badri
Qadhafi’s days are numbered amid sanctions and shortages
14 June 2011
Sanctions, fuel shortages and Nato attacks have taken their toll. Qadhafi’s departure is imminent