Author: Damon Evans
Asian buyers' uncertainty over LNG heightens supply-side risks
3 April 2014
Asian buyers' growing hesitation about committing to new long-term liquefied natural gas (LNG) export projects has heightened supply-side risks, while putting a squeeze on potential supplies post-2020
Gas shortage dents Australia's CBM-to-LNG exports
21 March 2014
Concerns are mounting as Australia's coal-bed methane (CBM) to liquefied natural gas (LNG) export projects' production looks set to fall short of targets during the initial years
Efficiency and innovation could slash energy demand growth
20 March 2014
Rising costs and improving technology will be the driving forces behind future energy
Solar should be viewed as a a complimentary fuel source
20 March 2014
Sun comes into its own as power generation sector looks for viable alternatives to fossil fuels, but it's often underestimated
Natural gas is a bridge, not a destination
20 March 2014
Abundant gas reserves are here to stay. But can the world afford to burn them all?
Energy sector at the crossroads amid calls for lower carbon
20 March 2014
As pressure to de-carbonise grows, the industry faces a stark choice
Renewables drive transformation of power system
5 March 2014
The system should be transformed completely if it is going to work, says IEA
Melting ice is opening the Arctic to trade routes
20 February 2014
Arctic melting is opening up new trade routes, but the impact will be smaller than thought
Asia-Pacific's tricky problem
14 February 2014
The region has vast potential, but can explorers realise it?
Asia-Pacific needs significant exploration to unlock potential
13 February 2014
The region has vast potential, but can explorers realise it?
Chinese companies rediscover their appetite for LNG
13 February 2014
Doubts over a Chinese shale-gas revolution have made the country a key market
Pakistan eyes cut-price Qatari LNG to avoid crisis
13 February 2014
Gulf supplies look set to help satisfy the country's rising domestic gas demand
Woodside closing in on Israeli LNG Leviathan field
12 February 2014
The Australian company has agreed revised terms to enter the Leviathan field
Unconventional oil explained
24 January 2014
Kerogen oil, oil shale, shale oil, oil sands, tight oil: what is the difference?
Asian oil firms face squeeze, but gas offers opportunities
22 January 2014
Subsidy reforms and rising prices add up to a good deal for investors
M&A transaction value falls by half
17 January 2014
The level reached the lowest since the 2008 recession, marking a shift in focus
Australia gears up for shale prime time
14 January 2014
The country has all the ingredients to become a major shale-gas producer
Opportunity still knocks for China's vast shale
14 January 2014
The country's unconventional gas sector has struggled to live up to its promise. But its resource is too big to be left in the ground indefinitely
Australia's Santos scores second shale-gas hit
7 January 2014
Santos has brought Australia’s second shale-gas well into production after successfully drilling the Moomba-194 vertical well in the Cooper basin
Total nets Papua New Guinea gas field prize
12 December 2013
The company has bought into InterOil's LNG fields
New Zealand awards deep-water exploration blocks
9 December 2013
New Zealand has awarded deep-water exploration blocks to Norway's Statoil and Australia's Woodside Petroleum
Asia-Pacific’s shale gas potential yet to be tapped
5 December 2013
Promising plays are scattered across the region, but exploration has scarcely begun
Australia could become a major shale gas producer
5 December 2013
The country has all the ingredients as initial exploration looks promising
Myanmar offshore bidding round draws attention
4 December 2013
Companies are bidding for rights in the lightly explored area
Sinopec accelerates Chinese shale volumes
3 December 2013
China’s Sinopec has more than doubled it shale-gas production target for 2015 following exploration success at the Fuling Block in Chongqing