Author: Damon Evans
China to become second largest shale-gas producer by 2035
30 April 2015
BP's chief economist predicts the Chinese will be second only to North America
BP sees China shale gas surge
30 April 2015
China will become the world’s second largest shale-gas producer by 2035, behind only North America, according to BP’s chief economist
Oil companies should improve their use of IT, says Bichsel
22 April 2015
Damon Evans talks to Matthias Bichsel, former director of projects and technology at Anglo-Dutch supermajor Shell about the prospects for innovation and collaboration in the oil and gas business
China chases new energy ‘superhighway’
21 April 2015
The superhighway will alter trade flows and should link the two ends of the country together
Ambiguity over Indian gas demand figures
20 April 2015
A pivot towards coal in the absence of concrete plans for gas price reform could see bullish projections for Indian gas demand growth evaporate
Shell's BG move is big on Asian gas
16 April 2015
The takeover signals an expectation that natural gas in the Asian market will grow
Australian shale dream stalls as Chevron walks
15 April 2015
US major Chevron has exited one of the most prospective unconventional patches in Australia as it strives to cut spending in the wake of falling oil prices
Australian shale dream stalls as Chevron walks
15 April 2015
The US company is leaving as it tries to balance the books amid low oil prices
LNG price drop shift market dynamics
23 March 2015
Liquefied natural gas (LNG) prices have fallen partly due to the oil price crash
IEA says global carbon emissions stall
20 March 2015
It's the first time in 40 years that carbon dioxide emissions have not risen
Bad news for Timor-Leste as Woodside shelves Sunrise LNG project
19 March 2015
The Asian nation relies on petroleum exports for its economy but could see its wells dry within a few years
Papua New Guinea's LNG industry remains exciting
9 March 2015
Despite the prices being low, the PNG LNG industry has experts talking
Sustainable and clean power of the future
26 February 2015
New technologies are emerging that will transform the way we make and consume energy
Gas and renewables: partners or adversaries
26 February 2015
Oil companies and environmentalists disagree on whether the rise of gas will help or hinder the move away from fossil fuels
A major oil company will turn its back on fossil fuels
26 February 2015
A former industry advisor predicts that one of the major IOCs will take the step in the next three years
Oil price plunge challenges green energy advance
26 February 2015
The price will impact clean cars, but in the major electricity markets the effects will be small
First solar powered plane set to travel the world in March
26 February 2015
Solar Impulse 2 has been named as an exploration to prove that clean energy flight travel is possible
Total keeps PNG prize after Oil Search loses court battle
13 February 2015
Oil Search lost a court battle with InterOil, writing a another chapter in the debate over Papua New Guinea's gas scheme
Investment in LNG industry will stall as oil prices fall
10 February 2015
Analysts are confident in long term growth for liquefied natural gas despite the current downturn
Oil and gas sector needs to invest in clean energy, says advisor
19 January 2015
Advisor Wal van Lierop says the industry needs to get serious about investing in the future by transforming its outlook
LNG's turns 50 - but there are growing pains ahead for 2015
15 January 2015
The liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry celebrated its 50th birthday in 2014. While the sector has matured, it is still not short of surprises. So, what are the next few years likely to hold?
Mega-LNG projects will be forced to cut costs by over 20%
12 January 2015
Chief operating officer at BG Group has said the cuts will need to be made to tempt buyers back
GLNG pipeline sale mooted
16 December 2014
Santos could be looking to selloff its Gladstone liquefied natural gas (GLNG) pipeline as the company comes under increasing financial pressure
Woodside snaps up Apache LNG stakes for $3.7bn
16 December 2014
The Australian LNG developer needed to make an acquisition to expand
Santos could sell Gladstone LNG pipeline due to financial pressure
15 December 2014
The combination of the Australian firm's low share price and falling oil prices could push the company to sell assets
US LNG powers ahead
9 December 2014
US liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports are likely to weather the oscillating oil price environment much better than other competing exporters