Author: Conal Urquhart
Russia looks to unconventional oil as oilfields age
24 January 2014
The Bazhenov formation in West Siberia could be the world's largest oil reservoir. Will it deliver?
Michael Fallon is optimistic about the UK shale industry
11 December 2013
Michael Fallon is bullish about the prospects for Britain's shale-gas sector. And, as he tells Conal Urquhart, while there's a lot of work to be done, the rewards will make the effort worthwhile
Turkey hopes shale gas will plug its energy deficit
5 December 2013
Promising shale deposits could help lessen the country's dependence on gas imports
Coal seen as fuel to drive emerging economies
5 December 2013
Fossil fuels are seen as the solution to developing nation’s energy woes
South Africa inches towards shale exploration in the Karoo basin
5 December 2013
Large reserves in the Karoo basin are bringing upstream interest, but many barriers stand in the way of production
Kepco pioneers new smart grid business model
5 December 2013
South Korea will raise electricity prices to fund $25 billion investment in smart grids that carefully monitor the supply and demand for electricity to eliminate waste
European energy policy a failure, says GDF Suez CEO
17 October 2013
GDF Suez’s Mestrallet hits out in speech to WEC 2013
Turkey key to Cyprus gas development
17 October 2013
Turkish deputy energy minister believes East Mediterranean gas finds will help forge closer bonds
China faces dire energy challenges, says energy official
17 October 2013
Wang Yumin vows green growth, as Russia and Canada outline plans to meet global needs
Turkey's preparations for WEC 2016 underway
17 October 2013
The country was named as the host of the congress last November
Unless there’s a magic solution, emissions will rise, says WEC
15 October 2013
WEC’s Rose warns CO2 increase ‘inevitable’ unless policy-makers act
Al-Falih calls fossil fuels the crown jewels of global energy
15 October 2013
Aramco chief’s calls for greater energy efficiency echoed by GE’s Bolze
In 15 years all new cars sold will be hybrids, says chairman
15 October 2013
IFP Energies Nouvelles chairman predicted the rise of hybrid cars at the WEC Congress
Syria's civil war is disrupting its energy industry
23 May 2013
The country’s civil war has exacted a heavy toll on its energy sector as government and opposition forces fight for control over the country’s most lucrative resource, as Conal Urquhart discovers
Israel grants US Genie exploration rights in Golan Heights
19 April 2013
The award raised little protest in Syria, which is enmeshed in a bitter and protracted civil war. But, as Conal Urquhart discovers, Tel Aviv's decision may have far-reaching consequences