Author: Alex Forbes
Pakistan gagging for more gas
24 July 2018
Declining domestic natural gas production and delayed import schemes could cause problems
India embraces gas and renewables
6 July 2018
With prime minister Narendra Modi now less than a year away from a general election, his energy successes and failures will be in the spotlight
Europe waits on Germany
29 May 2018
Despite being a leader in renewables, the country can't kick its coal habit
Qatar's LNG resurgence
25 May 2018
The country is expanding its liquefied natural gas export capacity
Middle East LNG imports set to soar
2 March 2018
Gas shortages will prompt expansion in regional demand for liquefied natural gas
Shell's bid to stave off Japan energy crisis after tsunami
31 March 2011
With LNG capacity set to increase, Shell is guaranteeing supply to disaster-hit Japan
What Japan's Fukushima crisis means for gas
31 March 2011
Fukushima's setback for nuclear power creates new opportunities for natural gas – now and in the future
Shell's Pearl promises a new dawn for GTL
24 February 2011
Market fundamentals have never looked better for GTL and if Shell's Pearl plant works as expected, it will be a huge breakthrough for the industry
GTL: a glut-inspired idea for North America’s shale-gas abundance
6 January 2011
Weak gas prices and strong oil market could underpin GTL development; world-leader Sasol bullish about prospects
A postcard from Ras Laffan
1 April 2008
With Qatargas nearing completion of its first 7.8m t/y LNG mega-train and another five under construction, Alex Forbes visited Ras Laffan Industrial City to see how construction is progressing