Statoil plans first use of subsea compression
14 December 2010
The company plans to install the world's first subsea gas-compression facility by 2014
Shale-gas producers target natural gas liquids
14 December 2010
RESIGNED to a drawn-out period of low natural gas prices, North America's big producers are finding solace in natural gas liquids (NGLs), especially where their shale-gas deposits are liquids rich
Abu Dhabi takes on the CCS challenge
14 December 2010
Plans for combined CO2 capture and enhanced oil recovery could help relieve the UAE's gas-supply shortfall. But making CCS profitable could take a while
Shale-gas drilling boom props up oilfield services sector
14 December 2010
North America's shale-gas plays supported the oilfield services industry during the economic downturn, but the boom times won't last forever
Shale gas: A risk worth taking for abundant resources
14 December 2010
Most of the world's shale gas lies outside of North America. But companies must manage the risks if they are to capitalise on the abundance elsewhere
Shell puts its faith, and money, behind innovation
14 December 2010
In an exclusive interview, Shell's head of IR&D says the company is well equipped to meet the "energy challenge" of rising demand and increased efficiency
Geoengineering: From science fantasy to reality
28 October 2010
Risky geoengineering solutions are increasingly seen as a viable option for combating global warming
CCS: Just do it
28 October 2010
Carbon capture and storage is making progress, but governments will need to accelerate its deployment significantly
Hydrogen Energy California: One of the most do-able projects in the US
28 October 2010
"If all goes well, it could be in service by the middle of the decade," Gardiner Hill says
Don't discriminate against oil and gas – Saudi Aramco
30 September 2010
Saudi Aramco has called for "complete and rational assessment" of alternative energy sources as it outlines plans for boosting its own oil and gas reserves
IEA: Make carbon-capture part of the UN's Clean Development Mechanism
29 July 2010
CARBON capture and storage (CCS) must urgently be included in the UN' Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), says Nobuo Tanaka, executive director of the IEA
Ghana: Jubilee area grows and grows
1 July 2010
The firm said geoscience and engineering studies are under way "to advance development planning" for the Southeast Jubilee area
Kaleidoscope: Super seismic
2 June 2010
Seismic interpretation has long been the biggest non-military consumer of computing power. Repsol's Kaleidoscope project ups the ante
FlowCAT: Maintaining downhole control
2 June 2010
A UK oilfield services company claims to have developed a more reliable and cost-effective way of dealing with failures in downhole safety valves
US: EPA to study impact of fracking
6 April 2010
THE US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) plans to launch a $1.9m study of the impact of hydraulic fracturing – fracking – on water quality and public health. If research reveals that this drilling technique has adverse health or environmental effects, new regulations could be promulgated that could discourage shale-gas development, one of the country's most prolific sources of natural gas
CSG-to-LNG grabs limelight in Australia
6 April 2010
Coal-seam gas (CSG) will play an increasingly important role in Australia's gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) industries
Seismic advances
6 April 2010
Seismic acquisition companies have upped their game, developing and fine-tuning technologies vital for exploration in ever-more complex offshore environments
Coal gasification: unlocking the potential of low-quality coal
1 March 2010
For countries with large, even low-quality, coal reserves, gasification technology can enhance energy security while reducing energy costs
Mideast Gulf marine and offshore services market prospers
1 March 2010
Investment in shipyard capacity and technology is paying off, with the Gulf region undertaking increasingly sophisticated work in both the marine and services sectors
Tertiary oil-recovery techniques: reviving dying US fields
1 February 2010
Enhanced oil-recovery techniques can boost production from ageing oilfields by up to 60%. Small wonder that US oil companies are turning to tertiary-recovery methods to slow, or reverse output declines
Next-generation drillships launched
1 December 2009
Drillship design is evolving fast, with the latest generation of vessels smaller, more energy efficient and able to operate in ultra-deep waters, writes Ian Lewis
The gas industry's need for technology
2 November 2009
A long-term commitment to investment in upstream technology is essential if rising gas demand is to be met. By Andrew Gould, chairman and chief executive officer, Schlumberger
Smartening-up electricity supply
1 October 2009
Google and GE are among those working on a new way of supplying electricity to homes and businesses – smart grids are hailed by some as a miracle cure for global warming, writes Conal Walsh
GTL investment hits the buffers
1 October 2009
Oryx is close to capacity and Shell's Pearl is on track to start up in early 2011, but new GTL investment decisions are unlikely until costs decline further, writes Alex Forbes
BC: technology powers gas hot spot
1 September 2009
Improved drilling methods and incentives for tight-gas and shale-gas development have brightened the outlook for British Columbia