Flare capture offers easy wins
12 November 2020
Reducing gas flaring can both accelerate progress to net-zero and offer a swift boost to industry credibility
Driving offshore longevity
10 November 2020
Savvy producers increasingly recognise the operational benefits of using digital technologies to extend asset life
Digitalisation powers value creation
13 October 2020
Upstream producers are lagging behind other sectors in leveraging the technological revolution
Applying AI knowledge management
12 October 2020
Technology has long been at the heart of capturing and storing knowledge and making it accessible. AI solutions now allow delivery of knowledge to be highly targeted and personalised
AspenTech enters hybrid modelling era
3 March 2020
CEO Antonio Pietri discusses his lighthouse pilot for hybrid modelling capabilities
Trading braces for digital transformation
27 February 2020
The age of big data is transforming not just the upstream but energy’s spot markets
Firms embracing digitalisation set to thrive
26 February 2020
Climate change and regulatory intervention are combining to create unprecedented opportunities across the energy sector
Demystifying digitisation
13 February 2020
Designing a digital transformation strategy can be easy, if firms choose the right partner and take a pragmatic approach
AI takes aim at shale margins improvement
7 February 2020
Poor levels of profitability in shale are prompting a search to use artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the efficiency of production and improve the bottom line
No killer app for Asia’s transition
19 December 2019
Japan's government is seeking to get as close as possible to carbon neutral by 2050
A clearer China picture set to emerge
13 December 2019
New technologies will allow the oil market to understand what is going on in China quicker and in greater depth than before
Oil and gas readies for the digital decade
29 November 2019
Digital transformation will shape the energy industry of the 2020s
Rise of the machines
15 November 2019
Technology is increasingly replacing the roles of humans across the energy supply chain
Digi-OE: the merger that every energy company should do
15 November 2019
Merging digital technologies with operations excellence is the new lever for performance improvement
New systems, new cyber threats
12 November 2019
Threat actors constantly remain one step ahead of those seeking to prevent malicious attacks
Predicting is the future
25 October 2019
Predictive maintenance can reduce costly unplanned downtime by 45pc, according to Lloyd’s Register
The future of renewable energy
23 October 2019
Software will be increasingly important to manage renewable power into energy systems
Digitalisation can ‘amplify’ oil & gas operator bias
20 October 2019
Technology can bring huge benefits, but the human aspect of implementation could be the most problematic factor
Technology takes over tight oil
15 October 2019
As the shale business matures, its wildcatter mentality is being replaced by artificial intelligence
Technology key to meeting Paris Agreement
12 September 2019
Electrification and changes to the energy mix, if supported by governments, would mean climate goal is within reach—DNV GL
Oil's volatility hastening decline in oil-indexed LNG pricing
1 June 2019
The pricing of often decades-long liquefied natural gas (LNG) contracts is becoming more unpredictable as a result of oil price swings
New technology holds upstream key
24 May 2019
Digitalisation is more than a buzzword in the efforts to get costs down and projects started
Robots redraw the energy workforce
27 September 2018
If autonomous machines take control over more aspects of the energy business, will there be an industry at all in the future?
Technology fuels energy trading gains
13 September 2018
AI-based trading platforms can drive transparency in LNG, commodities trading
Robots redraw energy supply chain
13 September 2018
Market participants are turning to artificial intelligence for cost and efficiency gains
FLNG enters new age
31 August 2018
Floating LNG developers are seeking to build on the momentum created by successful deployments