Licensing Rounds
Low point for upstream
1 September 2003
Cool response to 18th round
1 September 2003
One day, maybe
1 August 2003
Auction disappoints
1 August 2002
Brazil: no jackpot, yet
1 May 2002
The areas available for oil and gas exploitation in Brazil are vast and, in most cases, barely explored. The regulator is confident that major discoveries are still to be made and expects the fourth annual licensing round to be a success. But while private oil firms remain optimistic over the longer-term prospects, the confidence of the sector in general would benefit from a big commercial discovery, writes Tom Nicholls
Round three and counting
1 January 2001
Having wrapped up two bidding rounds for exploration licences, a third is now in progress. The success of the two previous rounds bodes well for the latest offering. However, there is still some way to go to ensure the necessary regulations are in place before some players will commit. By Joshua Dylan Mellars
Fighting import dependency
1 December 2000
Oil hopes fade
1 December 2000
Petrobras plays strong home game in licensing round
1 August 2000
Bidding in the second licensing round was much more successful in terms of the foreign bidders attracted into the round, than the first round, although Petrobras still won the most attractive acreage.