Licensing Rounds
Sub-salt gains new converts
1 July 2007
Petrobras continues to produce exciting results from exploration beneath the thick layers of salt under established offshore heavy-oil plays. IOCs are hoping to follow suit. Robert Cauclanis reports
Khelil: things will be different from now on
1 June 2007
Sonatrach has money, technology, reserves and markets, says Algerian energy minister Chakib Khelil. What, he asks, can private-sector oil companies do for Algiers? Interview by Tom Nicholls
Asia's Africa scramble continues
1 February 2007
Asian companies are expected to bid hard in Nigeria's forthcoming licensing round. But that will be just one more sign of their increasing influence over African oil. Tom Nicholls writes
Acid test looms for new law
1 August 2006
In promulgating its new Hydrocarbons Law last year, Algeria had two key objectives: to make itself more attractive to potential investors; and to make Sonatrach a competitive oil and gas player – at home and abroad. But is Algeria losing its nerve just as the first big test of these policies approaches, asks Alex Forbes?
Nigeria: looking for explorers
1 May 2005
Nigeria's first licensing round for five years, for which initial applications must be submitted by 29 May, could provide a useful reality-check for the authorities. The offer comes at a time when the country's deep-water exploration is flagging and development projects are snagged – and when there are attractive opportunities elsewhere in the Gulf of Guinea, Martin Quinlan writes