Indonesia tipped to lead global gasoline market
19 September 2013
Indonesia is predicted to lead the global gasoline trade by 2018, opening up new supply opportunities for European and US refiners
Indonesia gives 44% fuel price rise nod
20 June 2013
Indonesia has approved a controversial fuel price rise to slash its ballooning subsidy bill
SUV boom bolsters Chinese oil demand
14 June 2013
Despite a slowing economy, some bullish forecasters predict China’s oil demand will be stronger for longer as transportation, rather than industrialisation, spurs growth
Latin American car ownership rising steadily
27 February 2013
Subsidies and economic growth mean fuel consumption and car ownership will rise steadily
Africa stays in the slow lane with transport infrastructure
27 February 2013
As the world’s poorest continent with the least developed transport infrastructure, it is no surprise that Africa trails the rest of the world in terms of fuel use
Middle East wedded to the wheel
26 February 2013
Cars still rule the Middle East’s roads. But change can – and must – come
Gas To Liquid technology pushes at the margins
26 February 2013
Turning natural gas into diesel has many advantages, especially in the US
Fuelling Asia’s drivers as car ownership soars
25 February 2013
Subsidies and weak policy mean Asia’s rising economies will dominate demand growth for transport fuels
Europe drives away from oil as vehicle sales slump
25 February 2013
Tight mileage standards, a saturated car market and good public transportation mean the continent's fuel needs will grow slowly, if at all
New fuel economy standards bringing changes to US
22 February 2013
New standards in the US will bring big changes to the country’s vehicle fleet
Downturn in US fuel consumption under way
20 February 2013
A secular downturn in US fuel consumption is under way as Americans fall out of love with their cars
The road to efficiency for global transportation
13 February 2013
Changes are afoot in global transportation that will profoundly affect the oil sector
Car numbers will soar as vehicles become more efficient
13 February 2013
The number of cars will soar in the coming decades. But they will do much more for much less fuel
The fuel-efficient future of transport
26 May 2011
Fuel efficiency and environmental concerns are driving change in the transport sector. Helen Robertson reports from this year’s Michelin Challenge Bibendum in Berlin
High pump prices drive electric-vehicle advances
14 December 2010
THE DEATH knell of the internal-combustion engine may not be sounding just yet, but oil producers must plan pricing strategies carefully if they are to avoid derailing growth in petroleum-powered transport
Electric transport dreams
28 October 2010
China is engaged in a push to promote electric vehicles, which could promote the wider global adoption of the technology
Aviation collects its ETS boarding pass
28 October 2010
The EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) has received a boost from an apparent shift in attitude by the airline industry that could lead to the inclusion of aviation emissions in the ETS
IEA spells out effect of subsidies
29 July 2010
A PHASE-OUT of fuel subsidies across the world between now and 2020 could cut global oil demand by as much as 2m barrels a day (b/d) by 2015 and by 5m-6m b/d in a decade's time, preliminary research by the International Energy Agency (IEA) suggests
US: Bad times for biodiesel producers
2 June 2010
THE US biodiesel business is on life support, waiting for legislative action that could save it
A transport fuel with a future
1 September 2009
Concerns over energy supply security, greenhouse-gas emissions and oil-price volatility are generating greater interest in natural gas vehicles, writes Ian Lewis
The ultimate recycled fuel
1 September 2009
The future-fuels puzzle
1 November 2008
No-one knows what the future of transportation will look like, but Shell's Jack Jacometti believes GTL fuel will form a big part of the puzzle. Interview by Tom Nicholls
An enduring spectacle – with a serious side
1 August 2008
Le Mans has been described as a "24-hour party with one hell of a race attached". But there is more to it than that. For the companies behind the racing teams it's a chance to try out engineering and fuels in a gruelling and very public arena, writes Alex Forbes
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