South & Central America
Petrobras fuel price increase doesn’t go far enough
4 February 2013
The state owned company announced an increase in fuel prices, however analysts say it isn't enough
Oil industry watches as Venezuelan drama unfolds
9 January 2013
President Hugo Chávez's health crisis is providing uncertainty for Venezuela
Brazil takes step closer to new licensing rounds
12 November 2012
Reforms have finally passed allowing changes to the energy sector
Latin America running on empty with a lack of reserves
31 October 2012
Latin America does not have a well-established infrastructure of strategic petroleum reserves (SPRs), with Chile the only country so far to seriously consider establishing such a facility
Hugo Chávez retains power in Venezuelan election
24 October 2012
As Hugo Chávez retains power in Venezuela, what do the next six years hold for the country’s energy sector?
Continued risk to sustainability of Colombian oil industry
24 October 2012
After a years-long oil boom, Colombia needs to open up new frontier plays to become a major regional energy player
Transocean gets Frade reprieve as court lifts injunction
3 October 2012
If not lifted, the injunction would have forced the company to shut its operations
Peru’s balancing act between industry and domestic demands
26 September 2012
The country’s resources sector has seen growth surge over the past decade, making it one of Latin America’s most attractive destinations for foreign investment. But that success has also sparked a backlash. Justin Jacobs looks at how Peru is reconciling the needs of industry with a growing chorus of domestic demands
Argentina’s hydrocarbon commission to take on Gas Plus
6 September 2012
The Argentine government has launched its powerful new hydrocarbons commission, which will be tasked with regulating investment and setting prices in the energy sector
Local content rules send costs higher in Brazil
16 August 2012
Requirements are contributing to cost inflation in the country's oil and gas sector
Venezuela nears World Bank arbitration court exit
19 July 2012
Venezuela to exit World Bank’s international court in latest blow to investors
Brazil's targets need to be realistic and practical
6 July 2012
Petrobras’ new chief executive, Maria das Graças Foster, has already made her mark at the Brazilian company. The former chemical engineer has said Brazil can become a leading oil producer, but must temper its expectations, saying targets need to be ‘realistic and practical’
Argentina’s GyP seeks spot on Toronto exchange
29 June 2012
The company is seeking funds to develop shale resources in the Argentine province of Neuquén
Venezuela’s election hots up with energy policy visions
21 June 2012
As Venezuela’s October election nears, president Hugo Chavez and his challenger Henrique Capriles Rodonski have started to outline different visions for the future of the country’s oil sector
Nationalisation need not be disruptive, say representatives
14 June 2012
Latin America's resource nationalisation need not be disruptive for private oil companies, a panel of international representatives concluded at Canada’s Global Petroleum Show in Calgary
Ecuador’s oil industry struggling to find its way
18 May 2012
Resource nationalism has returned to the fore in Latin America following the government takeover of YPF in Argentina
Bolivia’s gas conundrum as it celebrates six years nationalised
24 April 2012
On May Day, it will be six years since President Evo Morales nationalised Bolivia’s gas sector. The anniversary offers Morales the opportunity to hail the success of his strategy in boosting production, but has it also sown the seeds of the sector’s long-term decline?
Chavez faces stiff election challenge in Venezuela
29 March 2012
This year will see what is expected to be the most hotly contested election in Venezuela since Hugo Chavez won the presidency in 1999
Argentina’s energy woes deepen despite discoveries
21 February 2012
Despite the huge discoveries, don’t expect unconventional oil and gas to drag Argentina out of its energy-import problem just yet
Repsol’s huge shale oil haul in Argentina
8 November 2011
Huge unconventional oil and gas resources and a welcome review of energy subsidies could herald a surge of much needed exploration investment in Argentina
Managing social risk: Notes from the Peruvian Amazon
5 August 2011
The lack of free, prior and informed consent to upstream oil and gas operations is at the heart of many social conflicts in the Peruvian Amazon
Chavez cosies up to China amid US sanctions
7 July 2011
US sanctions on Venezuela, for supplying fuel to Iran, will have little practical impact as the country forges closer ties with rapidly developing Asian markets
Upstream investors unsettled by Humala win in Peru
15 June 2011
Peru’s oil and gas industry must wait to see if President-elect Humala follows up on his promises of radical energy-sector reform
Tax move by Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez
10 May 2011
Chavez boosts state's take from the oil patch
Pemex bullish as Mexico's upstream opens up
18 April 2011
Interest in the Mexican oil monopoly’s upstream operating contracts looks strong as first bid round date is set
Brazil tightens its grip on Petrobras
30 September 2010
Deep-water specialist Petrobras is now further under the Brazilian government's control, after a high-cost purchase of new oil reserves