South & Central America
Argentina's election could mark a new era for the oil industry
30 September 2015
As the country goes to the polls on 28 October, international oil companies will be watching intently
Ecuador fights Chevron in Canada over environmental damage
9 September 2015
Chevron's long battle to beat back a $9.5bn Ecuadorian judgment against it over environmental damage in the Amazon has taken one step forward and another back
Venezuela secures another $5bn in China loans
3 September 2015
Venezuela has secured a further $5bn in loans from China to help the oil producer boost output president Nicolas Maduro said during a trip to Beijing
Venezuela ends gas imports after Perla startup
28 July 2015
With the startup of the Perla gasfield, Venezuela has halted gas imports from Colombia and plans to reverse the flow of gas through the Antonio-Ricaurte pipeline
Venezuela's PdV starts its recovery in the Orinoco
27 May 2015
Venezuela’s economy is cratering but the state firm has a new development strategy for its heavy oil play
Mexico's oil reforms stumble amid lower prices
4 February 2015
The reformers have presented poor options to investors which has made conditions more fragile
Latin American investment likely to fall 25% in 2015
19 January 2015
Lower oil prices are putting South America's oil industry under pressure, meaning long term production will suffer
Argentina’s price controls keep oil 37% above global price
13 January 2015
The Argentinian restrictions on oil prices have shielded the country from lowering global prices, though it won't last forever
Ramnarine optimistic about the future of Trinidad and Tobago
11 December 2014
Trinidad and Tobago’s energy minister, Kevin Ramnarine, is revitalising his country’s gas sector. Anthea Pitt interviewed him in Port of Spain
Brazil’s Rousseff faces energy challenges after election win
27 October 2014
Dilma Rousseff has previously retained strong government control over the energy sector, making Brazil less attractive for investors
Venezuela suffering under the falling oil price
23 October 2014
Venezuela's oil industry, like its economy, is still in a mess. Falling oil prices could not have come at a worse time
Ecuador cannot afford falling prices or an Opec output cut
23 October 2014
Opec’s smallest group has limited sway over policy
Book "Law of the Jungle" tells of corruption in Ecuador
20 October 2014
Paul Barrett reveals a tale of oil, pollution, intrigue and corruption in Ecuador in his new book. Review by Justin Jacobs
Turnaround as Brazil's Petrobras sees a rise in production
17 October 2014
The state oil company has seen more projects develop to increase the country's oil output
Reshuffle pushes Ramirez out of PdV leadership
11 September 2014
Rafael Ramirez no longer head of PdV or minister for petroleum and mining, after a cabinet reshuffle
Mexico opens up shale patch for first time in 76 years
21 August 2014
Reforms to the investment regime should lure developers. Obstacles remain, from land rights to water and the north’s drug cartels
Brazil's gas prospects fade as import dependence continues
22 July 2014
Facing an increasingly costly import dependence its time the country re-thinks its strategy
Repsol's next steps after YPF compensation deal
30 May 2014
The two companies have reached a compensation deal over the nationalisation of YPF
Rebel attacks hit Colombian oil output
22 May 2014
Major improvements have been made, but security issues still bedevil the industry
China builds Caribbean energy ties in upstream, LNG and refining
24 April 2014
In recent years, the country has been boosting its presence in the region although its steps remain cautious
Opportunities for the Caribbean to clean up energy usage
24 April 2014
Oil dependency in the region is costly and dirty. Jeremy Martin and Alexis Arthur say the Caribbean must begin shifting fuel
Caribbean refiners under heavy pressure
24 April 2014
The economic model behind the region’s processing plants is coming under severe strain
PetroCaribe under threat as Venezuela economy struggles
24 April 2014
Venezuela’s crumbling economy could leave the Caribbean’s PetroCaribe members exposed
Trinidad and Tobago needs new markets and production
24 April 2014
With the loss of the US as its major market, the island nation needs a new growth strategy
Opportunities and challenges face a changing Caribbean
24 April 2014
The Caribbean energy landscape is shifting, posing some problems but offering many opportunities too
Venezuela’s gas ambitions thwarted as developments struggle
24 April 2014
Venezuela has the potential to become a major natural gas player, but it is struggling to develop its huge offshore reserves