South & Central America
Latin America and the Caribbean Energy Scenarios: Rock, Tango or Samba?
8 June 2017
There has been much talk of energy integration in Latin America and the Caribbean for decades but progress has been patchy. A new report from the World Energy Council presents potential scenarios for the region
Venezuela courting disaster
17 May 2017
A Supreme Court ruling has given the president broad authority to strike oil deals. Will there be any takers?
Brazil's buyers beware
17 May 2017
The country has taken steps in the right direction. But the risks are too great to ignore
Reshuffle in Caracas
13 February 2017
New appointments show Maduro plans to hold his course
Venezuela on the precipice
13 February 2017
The Opec deal is not enough to rescue Venezuela and its indebted state company PdV
Argentina - closing the deal
5 December 2016
Argentina will spend 2017 trying to come good on its upstream promise
South America - the after-party continent
3 December 2016
Oil's price bust forced yet more change in Latin America's energy sector. Venezuela was worst hit
After the car wash
30 November 2016
A modest oil-price rise, and pro-investor reforms, should spark a recovery for Brazilian energy and Petrobras in 2017
Limited options for Venezuela
30 November 2016
Venezuela's oil output is falling and fundamental change is needed to rescue it in 2017
Desperate Venezuela
30 November 2016
Oil output is falling and the state company is struggling to pull itself out of a dangerous tailspin
Mexico - a serious opening
23 November 2016
The reforms underway in Mexico’s energy sector are profound – and 2017 will accelerate them
Macri's reforms burned in gas-tariff fight
14 October 2016
A retreat on subsidy cuts casts doubts on the Argentine president’s broader energy agenda
Colombia's collateral damage
26 August 2016
Efforts to end Colombia’s decades-old war were supposed to bring security to the country’s oil sector, but are doing the opposite
Peru's unfinished business
8 June 2016
Peru has the makings of a regional gas powerhouse if the next government keeps things on track
How much worse can it get for Venezuela?
3 May 2016
The country's oil industry would suffer badly in a default scenario
Slower, lower, weaker: Brazil under Rousseff
29 April 2016
Brasilia’s political crisis is deepening. Is there still hope for energy investors?
Debts threaten Latin America’s state oil companies
3 February 2016
Petrobras, PdV and Pemex facing mounting financial pressures. Expect deep spending cuts
Political changes in Latin America signal new investments
15 January 2016
Economic troubles across the continent have opened the door to a new crop of leaders who could be much friendlier to foreign investors
Argentina shale deals follow political shift
16 December 2015
ExxonMobil and Dow Chemical have announced plans to invest in Argentinian oil following the election of Mauricio Macri
Opposition win sets stage for Venezuelan power struggle
8 December 2015
Change is coming to Caracas after the National Assembly elections, but it will be a messy and difficult process
Macri win heralds new era for Argentine energy
3 December 2015
Mauricio Macri, mayor of Buenos Aires, swept to a surprise victory over rival Daniel Scioli in Argentina’s presidential election on 22 November, setting the country’s energy future in a new direction
Anti-austerity protests hit Petrobras
18 November 2015
Brazil's oil sector is in the grip of the worst strike in decades, threatening plans to reform the sector and ease the dreaded local content law - as well as hitting output
Shell cautious on Mexico's oil reforms
21 October 2015
Oil major Shell hasn’t been won over by Mexico’s oil reforms yet, with much public sector work to be done
Infrastructure allows Venezuela to offer gas to Trinidad
20 October 2015
Following several rounds of negotiations, Venezuela and Trinidad will trade gas
Venezuela borrows $5bn from China to boost output
1 October 2015
China has not lost confidence in the oil producer despite price slump and falling crude output
Trinidad’s new energy minister seeks to tackle oil production
30 September 2015
A new government took office in September. The energy ministry is focusing on securing new production of oil and cleaning up the power-generation sector