North America
Suncor rethinks strategy as unconventionals' rise changes supply mix
7 February 2013
North America's changing supply mix is prompting Canadian oil-sands producer Suncor Energy to rethink its strategy
Obama sets ambitious energy agenda for his second term
29 January 2013
The US president used his inaugural address to reaffirm his commitment to tackling climate change
The fiscal cliff and its threat to US oil
9 November 2012
With the election over, Obama faces what may be the toughest economic decision he will ever make. And the effects of that choice will be played out in the oil markets
Election brings certainty to US oil sector
8 November 2012
The US’ top oil-producing states - Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Alaska and North Dakota – remained firmly Republican in 6 November’s presidential election, yet they stand to benefit from Barack Obama’s second term
What Obama's second term means for global oil markets
7 November 2012
As the US gets back to business after a hard-fought presidential election campaign, the market may well turn bearish
The US and its strategic petroleum reserve dilemma
31 October 2012
For almost 40 years the US’s strategic petroleum reserve (SPR) has been the front line of defence against global oil-price shocks
A question of balance: US energy independence or security
26 September 2012
Mitt Romney’s energy strategy promises to reach for the stars. Barack Obama’s may be more realistic. Shaun Polczer reports on the US election
Obama's options to ease oil prices: Iran or a risky stock release
30 August 2012
An oil price beneath $110 a barrel is no threat to the world’s economic growth, Opec’s secretary-general Abdalla El-Badri told Petroleum Economist after the group’s meeting in June.
Mexico at the crossroads as calls for reforms grow louder
30 August 2012
Reforms are vital if the country’s is to reverse its declining oil and gas profile – and unlock potentially vast unconventional resources. Justin Jacobs reports on how the politics are shaping up
US SEC approves Dodd-Frank transparency rules
23 August 2012
Financial regulators in the US have adopted new transparency rules
Calgary celebrates its roots as a global oil capital
15 August 2012
For a week every year, Calgary, the city at the heart of Canada’s oil patch, pays homage to its wild west roots. Shaun Polczer dons his Stetson and joins the party
Starkly defined policy choices in US election
15 August 2012
The race for the White House is shaping up to be a barn-burner after Republican Mitt Romney’s bold choice of running mate. PE examines the differences on energy policies and the impact on oil markets
US using cheap gas to prop up economy, says Medvedev
8 June 2012
Gazprom's deputy chairman claims the US government is keeping domestic gas prices low in order to stimulate its economy
Shale fuelling a looming energy credit crunch
10 May 2012
The financial woes of the US’ largest unconventional gas players could not only destabilise the energy sector, they pose a threat to the wider economy, argues Dr Ruud Weijermars*
Back to the future for US oil as it changes dynamic
29 March 2012
New outlooks are transforming the US energy market, with many more shifting boundaries set to come
Energy policy provides key to US election
28 March 2012
It could well be the sleeper issue of the US election campaign - pump prices and the rising cost of fuel for motorists.
Ethical oil revisited amid Keystone XL decision
1 December 2011
Does the US really depend on repressive nations to meet its oil consumption needs?
Gulf of Mexico investment opportunities for UK firms
17 November 2011
UK oil and gas companies would do well to keep the Gulf of Mexico on their radar as Pemex opens the door to foreign investment
Keystone XL all but dead as special investigation is announced
8 November 2011
The US State Department has a tack in its left hand and a hammer in its right. The final nail in Keystone XL’s coffin is about to be struck
Ted the Terrible downplays oil sands in favour of clean energy
3 November 2011
Alberta's new energy minister, Ted Morton, is reaching out to Canada, downplaying the oil sands in favour of new, clean-energy technology
Obama signs the US up for transparency
21 September 2011
In a speech, President Obama noted the importance of energy companies disclosing the payments that foreign governments demand of them
US plots South Sudan sanctions relief
21 September 2011
US government officials are drawing up guidelines that will allow the country’s oil companies to operate in South Sudan, without breaching sanctions imposed against its northern neighbour
Canada grapples with its energy strategy
13 July 2011
As an emerging energy superpower, Canada’s disparate provinces must agree a united approach to energy policy
Niko Resources pleads guilty to bribery in Canada
29 June 2011
Calgary-based oil and gas explorer Niko Resources has pleaded guilty to bribery in only the second case of its kind in Canada
Big Oil set for Senate finance committee show-down
10 May 2011
US oil executives are preparing for a face-off with the Senate finance committee on Thursday as lawmakers called on the industry to defend tax breaks worth an estimated $4 billion a year, even as consumers face rising gasoline prices
Industry riled by ‘no we can’t’ US energy policy
5 May 2011
Representatives of the US offshore industry are demanding that the Obama administration lift political obstacles to exploration