North America
Decision time for US Keystone XL pipeline
3 February 2015
President Obama must make a decision on the TransCanada proposed pipeline
Obama plan expands and restricts opportunities in the Atlantic
28 January 2015
The Obama administration has given a little to the oil industry and taken a little away
New York hydraulic fracking ban 'a flesh wound'
12 January 2015
Governor Andrew Cuomo has banned the activity in the state, but it's likely the consequences will be minimal
Sceptics see the output boom in the US about to bust
27 October 2014
Chris Nelder reviews new analysis of US tight oil and shale gas production which suggests the output boost from unconventionals will wane before the end of this decade
Mexico’s energy reforms to open oil industry race ahead
18 August 2014
President Enrique Peña Nieto signed the reform legislation on 11 August and has since outlined an ambitious path for the industry
Reforms open Mexico’s deep waters to outside investment
24 April 2014
The country’s oil and gas industry is set to be transformed by outside investment
Bullish US tight oil production rise will slash imports
10 April 2014
US tight oil production could soar to nearly 13 million barrels per day (b/d) over the next two decades, slashing its oil imports to almost zero from 2037
Canada’s unconventional oil: a bounty needing new outlets
24 January 2014
Hemmed in by insufficient export pipeline capacity, rising output from Alberta’s vast oil sands also faces a saturated US market
Mexico’s reforms signal a changing oil industry
9 January 2014
Mexico’s oil industry has entered a brave new era with the passage of landmark energy reforms
Crude prices tumble on US government shutdown
22 October 2013
Brent and WTI prices slipped in October as a partial US government shutdown threatened to depress crude demand from one of the world’s largest oil consumers
US primed to achieve net energy self-sufficiency
17 October 2013
The US looks set to achieve net energy self-sufficiency within two decades, but it could be a lot faster than that if innovation is allowed to flourish in a stable business environment, according to a panel of US politicians and business leaders
China’s Yanchang makes Canada move despite restrictions
11 September 2013
Despite new restrictions on the role of state-owned enterprises in Canada, Chinese oil companies remain keen to gain a foothold in the country’s oil patch
Petrobras target of US National Security Agency spying
9 September 2013
The US National Security Agency spied on Brazil's state oil company, as well as a number of other high-profile corporate targets
Shale will reduce US deficit by a third in a decade
5 September 2013
A new report says unconventional oil and gas production will bring long-term benefits to the manufacturing and energy sectors in addition to reducing the country's deficit
New era for Pemex as government wants foreign investment
23 August 2013
The government wants foreigners back in the upstream. What will the reform mean for Pemex?
Mexico cracks open the door with energy reforms
19 August 2013
President Enrique Peña Nieto is hoping to transform the country’s energy sector
US sees shift due to changing supply and demand
12 August 2013
As the US witnesses a shift in the use of alternative fuels, Dr Abhishek Deshpande, oil markets analyst at Natixis, explores the trends that may affect demand for and supply of diesel products over the coming decade
US looks to Canada for oil sands advice
30 July 2013
Governors from Mississippi and Alabama are seeking help developing their oil-sands deposits, writes Shaun Polczer
Mexico moves on energy reforms to reverse declines
1 July 2013
But questions remain over whether the major changes needed to reverse declines in the oil and gas sector will be able to pass. Justin Jacobs looks at the challenges that lie ahead
North America steps on the gas with new investment
27 June 2013
The four largest shale gas plays in the US will account for more than 10% of all North American upstream spending in 2013, according to UK consultants Wood Mackenzie
Obama’s climate conundrum: Oil and gas versus low emissions
26 June 2013
Barack Obama wants to cut carbon emissions. The US president also wants to increase domestic oil and gas production. Can he do both?
EIA expecting losses in Gulf Of Mexico in hurricane season
13 June 2013
The agency expects around 19.3 million barrels of oil will be lost to storms in the season which began on 1 June and runs to 30 November
Canada is cleaning up the image of its oil sands
31 May 2013
Big industrial projects are ugly. Under pressure, Canada is taking steps to improve the image of its oil sands
Don’t discriminate against Canada’s crude
31 May 2013
The oil sands are critical to world supply and new technology can make them greener. The EU must not discriminate against them
Marcellus tops Haynesville as leading US gas play
25 March 2013
A new IHS report points to a new leader for the North American market, writes Shaun Polczer
Obama vows clean energy shift for US in State of the Union
14 February 2013
If there were any doubts about US president Barack Obama’s determination to tackle climate change, it was put to rest in his State of the Union speech on 13 February