Middle East
That's all folks!
1 February 2007
A change of leadership in dictatorships is rarely smooth, but when it occurs in a country estimated to hold some of the world's largest natural gas reserves the outcome and manner of the transition take on a greater significance, writes NJ Watson
Good cop, bad cop
1 February 2007
The kingdom is reasserting its influence on oil markets in an attempt to keep prices above $60/b, writes James Gavin
Turning back the clock
1 January 2007
Buffeted by political turmoil and US sanctions, Syria is attempting to stem a precipitous decline in oil production and boost gas output. James Gavin reports from Damascus
Waiting for the green light
1 October 2006
INTERNATIONAL oil companies (IOCs) need two "green lights" before they invest in Iraq, Royal Dutch Shell chief executive officer Jeroen van der Veer told last month's Opec summit. One is a fully functioning judicial system that clearly defines investment conditions. The other is sufficient security to enable staff to operate safely, reports James Gavin.
Prices fall, but not much
1 September 2006
Kuwait: mixed fortunes
1 September 2006
Back to the futures
1 September 2006
Dubai is planning to launch the Middle East's first oil futures exchange and others might follow in its wake. James Gavin asks whether the region is ready to become a trading centre for its prime commodity
Baghdad makes a fresh start
1 August 2006
The country now has a permanently elected government and a new oil minister. But can the new team revive Iraq's fortunes when militias control large parts of the country and Baghdad's authority over provincial oil developments is being challenged? James Gavin reports
NOCs uncovered?
31 May 2006
Pinning its hopes on petrochemicals
31 May 2006
The Saudis are convinced that this oil boom is different – not only in its origins, but in the way the country is managing its oil wealth. Riyadh is taking a tougher position on debt, but pursuing a path of sustainable economic development. Ayesha Daya reports
Small fry in big oil
1 May 2006
"Only a handful of mavericks will work in Iraq," says Petrel Resources' David Horgan. He is one of them. Interview by Tom Nicholls
Revolution from above
1 January 2006
According to locals, oil in the Middle East has been more of a curse than a blessing. Is Qatar learning from the region's mistakes? Ayesha Daya reports from Doha
Iraq: IOCs welcome
1 January 2006
Energy policy
1 January 2006
Iraq: The spoils of war
Unbuilding a nation
1 January 2006
DNO has begun exploring for oil in Iraq – the first company to do so since the US-led invasion. The Norwegian firm's investment is not just high-risk because of the security situation, but also because of the unsound legal regime. And because it has been agreed with a regional authority, it may further hinder attempts to rebuild the country, writes Ayesha Daya