Middle East
Swords into shares
1 July 2008
With $1.4bn-worth of investment pledged Arab petrodollars are set to regenerate the moribund Palestinian economy, writes James Gavin from Bethlehem
Capturing the feel-good factor
1 July 2008
Senior Iraqis may still be reluctant to boast in public, but the situation in the country looks better than it has ever done in the five years since Saddam Hussein was overturned, writes James Gavin
Abu Dhabi pours petrodollars into future 'beyond petroleum'
1 March 2008
A competition for environmental leadership is emerging. One contender – willing to invest billion of dollars earned from oil and gas – is Abu Dhabi, writes Alex Forbes from the UAE
There may be trouble ahead
1 October 2007
The US is playing up the good-news angle about its security strategy for Iraq, but insiders say inadequate legislation is simply stoking up problems for the future. James Gavin reports
Tehran comes out fighting
1 August 2007
As investors pull out, Iran is taking desperate measures to insulate itself from international sanctions. Reducing gasoline usage is just the start, reports James Gavin
The struggle to market
1 May 2007
Iran has significant proved gas reserves and a long-held desire to become an influential exporter to world markets. But it will struggle to realise these ambitions, writes Alex Forbes
Bridging the Gulf
1 May 2007
Mehdi Varzi, an Iranian-born international oil consultant, tells James Gavin why cool heads and long visions will help calm choppy international political waters and keep oil markets on an even keel
The house built on the sand
1 April 2007
Only one thing in Dubai stretches higher than its skyscrapers: its ambition to lead the world in everything, writes Derek Brower
That's all folks!
1 February 2007
A change of leadership in dictatorships is rarely smooth, but when it occurs in a country estimated to hold some of the world's largest natural gas reserves the outcome and manner of the transition take on a greater significance, writes NJ Watson