Middle East
West throws cash lifeline to Libya rebels
5 May 2011
International Contact Group set to siphon Qadhafi funds to TNC
Energy markets jittery on Bin Laden death
3 May 2011
Crude prices volatile of fears of supply disruption; LNG takers face no serious threat
Bulls lock horns over oil prices
27 April 2011
Libya is buoying the oil price, but a peak may be nearing
Kurdistan confronts enemies within and without
13 April 2011
Kurdistan faces many obstacles as it seeks to realise its untapped oil and gas potential
Middle East unrest threatens global chaos
31 March 2011
Faltering autocracies have failed to provide a coherent response to Middle East protests, risking wider destabilisation and endangering the global economy
A perfect storm in the Middle East as protests continue
24 February 2011
Backing dictatorships is a cynical strategy, but a policy designed to preserve the steady flow of oil from a volatile region may end up doing the opposite
Libya on the brink as protests sweep across Mena
24 February 2011
Anti-government protests are sweeping across North Africa and the Middle East, bringing uncertainty for oil and gas investors and markets
Iraq backs down over Kurdish PSAs
24 February 2011
Prime minister Nuri al-Maliki has pledged to honour the PSAs Kurdistan struck with foreign players. The region could be on track for an oil boom
Kurds upbeat over new Iraq oil-export deal
28 January 2011
KURDISTAN may be on the verge of a breakthrough in persuading Iraq's central government to agree to the resumption of oil exports
BP, in Iran-sanctions spotlight, shuts UK Rhum field
14 December 2010
Rhum will remain shut in, BP says, "pending clarification from the UK Government on certain aspects of the new EU regulations concerning restrictive measures against Iran"
Iraq moves towards political stability after deadlock
14 December 2010
After months of deadlock, the world's most ambitious oil producer is edging nervously towards political stability, writes James Gavin
Kurdistan plays hardball with Iraqi government over oil
14 December 2010
The semi-autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government is pressing home the advantage opened up by the Iraqi power-sharing agreement, reports James Gavin
Wikileaks stokes tension in the Mideast Gulf
14 December 2010
Hawks in the Mideast Gulf and the US think war with Iran is both necessary and inevitable. But what would this do to the oil price – and the world's economy – asks Miles Lang
Oil export routes – Iraq looks for a way out
14 December 2010
To meet ambitious oil and gas production-expansion plans, mainly landlocked Iraq must rapidly develop and expand export pipelines if increased output is to reach markets, writes James Gavin
Gulf producers navigate the recovery
30 September 2010
Middle East oil producers have proved time and again they have the capital, know-how and political will to be leaders of the global industry, writes Bill Farren-Price
The Saudi way
30 September 2010
By ring-fencing its oil sector from royal influence, Saudi Arabia has minted a successful template for resource-rich NOCs, writes James Gavin
Saudi Arabia's succession issues
30 September 2010
The insulation of Saudi Arabia's energy sector from royal politics stands in contrast to other areas of economic life
Iraq blocks "illegal" Kurdish gas-export deal
30 September 2010
THE GOVERNMENT in Baghdad has rejected a deal between the semi-autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and Germany's RWE that would have allowed for exports of gas to Europe
Iran feels the pressure of sanctions and self-inflicted problems
29 July 2010
More sanctions make life harder for Iran. But its own disastrous economic management might have worse consequences, write Tom Nicholls and Simon Crompton
Iraq gives green light to Shell gas deal
29 July 2010
Power shortages played their part in the deal
Middle East gas shortages grow
29 July 2010
The Mideast Gulf is one of the world's most gas-rich areas, yet many of the states are suffering from shortages. The situation is worsening, and is being driven by subsidies. Miles Lang reports
Iraq: Ambitious Kurds set out growth plans
1 July 2010
THE SEMI-autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) says it will boost its oil production to 1m barrels a day (b/d) by 2014 and is close to resuming oil exports following an eight-month gap
Islamic finance makes headway in the energy sector
2 June 2010
Sharia-compliant financing structures are becoming increasingly prominent in oil and gas transactions, explains James Gavin
Iraq: Kurds near oil-export deal, but federal approval still awaited
2 June 2010
OIL EXPORTS from Iraqi Kurdistan are in a position to restart, following an interim agreement between semi-autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the oil ministry in Baghdad
Iraqi crude production targets extraordinarily ambitious
4 May 2010
IHS sheds doubt on Iraqi production ambitions