Middle East
Iraq: Ambitious Kurds set out growth plans
1 July 2010
THE SEMI-autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) says it will boost its oil production to 1m barrels a day (b/d) by 2014 and is close to resuming oil exports following an eight-month gap
Islamic finance makes headway in the energy sector
2 June 2010
Sharia-compliant financing structures are becoming increasingly prominent in oil and gas transactions, explains James Gavin
Iraq: Kurds near oil-export deal, but federal approval still awaited
2 June 2010
OIL EXPORTS from Iraqi Kurdistan are in a position to restart, following an interim agreement between semi-autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the oil ministry in Baghdad
Iraqi crude production targets extraordinarily ambitious
4 May 2010
IHS sheds doubt on Iraqi production ambitions
Saudi Aramco steps up oil-export programme
6 April 2010
Saudi Arabia will spend $170bn in its energy sector in the next five years as it bets on a global resurgence in economic growth and energy demand, writes Derek Brower
Politics wreak havoc with Iran's gas-pipeline plans
1 February 2010
Iran has grand plans to export gas by pipeline to Europe, South Asia and Arab Gulf states, but local, regional and international politics will hinder development, writes Digby Lidstone
Saudis ditch WTI for Argus oil-price index
1 December 2009
Saudi Aramco will use sweet US benchmark WTI for the last time this month to value Saudi crude sales
Iraq prepares for January election
1 December 2009
Iraq's national election, which will probably take place on 23 January, is critical for a number of reasons, writes James Gavin
Pragmatism prevails in Iraq's oil sector
2 November 2009
Despite a disappointing licensing round and political opposition to private-sector investment, Iraq is making gradual upstream progress – with the help of IOCs, writes Digby Lidstone
Iraq proposes new NOC
1 September 2009
Syria comes out of the shadows
3 August 2009
With world leaders courting Syria again, the country needs to rethink its energy ambitions, writes James Gavin from Damascus
Kurdistan production starts amid controversy
29 May 2009
Within a few weeks, another 90,000 barrels of oil could be added to Iraqi production and exports. On 1 June, the Tawke field, being developed by Norway's DNO, is set to start producing and exporting. And output should ramp up to 50,000 barrels a day (b/d) within a few weeks.