Middle East
Iraq could be the next oil superpower despite obstacles
12 December 2012
To reach its potential, Iraq’s oil sector must overcome many obstacles
New book on Saudi Arabia important for the oil industry
30 October 2012
Karen Elliott House’s unsettling new book on Saudi Arabia is an essential guide to the mounting problems facing the country
Tightening the sanctions noose on Iran
30 October 2012
As the US and EU continue to impose additional restrictions on commerce with the Islamic Republic of Iran, companies need to increase their vigilance
Saudi Arabia remains the supply-side optimist
30 October 2012
New upstream developments and a transition away from crude-dependent power generation are essential if the kingdom is to maintain its oil-export strategy
Fragile politics remain a threat to Iraq and its energy sector
26 September 2012
Rising production and a deal between Baghdad and the KRG are positive. But fragile politics remain a threat to Iraq
Saudi Arabia's quantitative oil easing
26 September 2012
The kingdom doesn't play the spot market, so its pledge to keep pumping can only do so much
The light dims for US and Iranian relations, says book
25 September 2012
A new book documenting US-Iran relations since 1979 will leave its readers very glum about the prospects for peace
Mena governments must loosen grip on energy sector
19 September 2012
Governments across Mena should loosen control of their energy sectors, allow private firms a greater share of the upstream and push development of vast natural gas deposits in a bid to diversify their economies and remain competitive, said one of the region’s rising energy stars
Sanctions on Iran have failed to spike the oil market
16 July 2012
Soaring Saudi output has given the West an advantage in its battle with Tehran
Saudi Arabia's efforts to balance the market are working
6 July 2012
The kingdom’s efforts to balance the market are working. It may herald a new era of oil abundance
Softening oil prices will force adjustments in the Middle East
27 June 2012
With a lower oil-price outlook, project economics will need careful consideration. Securing project finance may also become more difficult. And government spending will, no doubt, need to be curbed. James Gavin reports from Bahrain
Iranian deal on the cards, but not yet
16 May 2012
Growing signs of that a deal with Iran over its nuclear programme is within reach could bring welcome relief to fragile economies battling with the effects of an inflated oil market. But the deal is far from done and the timing remains unclear
Saudi Arabia’s juggling act between demands
25 January 2012
The kingdom is poised to play a key role in shaping this year’s oil market, but it must maintain a delicate balance between global and domestic demands
Iran sanctions threat gives oil price support
15 December 2011
Proposals from the EU and US to impose new sanctions targeting Iran’s oil exports are sustaining oil prices, despite growing worries about demand and the health of the world economy
Iraq’s oil law impasse as ExxonMobil moves into KRG
23 November 2011
Shahristani fumes over ExxonMobil’s KRG fait accompli: Iraqi government seems powerless to act over supermajor’s Kurdistan deal
Pirates threaten Asian LNG supply security
16 November 2011
Middle East LNG exporters are increasingly worried about pirate attacks on tankers, with criminals following vessels even as they circumvent no-go areas
ExxonMobil blows Iraqi oil politics apart
11 November 2011
What does the supermajor’s oil deal with Kurdistan mean for Iraq?
Johnny West's book on understanding the Arab Spring
23 September 2011
Johnny West’s book gives a street view of why a region erupted. It’s an essential guide to North Africa’s Berlin Wall moment
Syria: Drilling for oil while Hama burns
19 August 2011
Maintaining the status quo in Syria’s oil industry is not an option while the Assad regime uses this critical resource to suppress protest
Fuel on the Fire book: The war for Iraqi oil beyond the cliché
9 August 2011
A new book about the invasion of Iraq and its aftermath should trouble even the most ardent liberal interventionist. Author Greg Muttitt talks to Derek Brower
Glencore embroiled in South Sudan oil-export row
22 July 2011
An oil deal struck between South Sudan’s state-owned producer, Nilepet, and international commodities broker Glencore is at the centre of an internal struggle for control of the fledgling nation’s exports
Continuity vital as two Sudans prepare to talk
21 July 2011
Pagan Amum will continue as South Sudan’s chief negotiator in talks with Omar al-Bashir’s government over oil-infrastructure access, despite resigning from a key post in the post-independence government
Oil production grows as Kurds hit the on-switch
14 July 2011
With Kurdistan pumping 250,000 barrels a day (b/d) of oil and exporting three-quarters of that volume, Iraq’s north is emerging as the Middle East’s fastest-growing hydrocarbons player
Syria: Oil sanctions on the horizon
7 July 2011
Syrian opposition efforts to cut a big funding lifeline to President Bashar al-Assad’s regime may be about to yield fruit
Israel drills for energy security amid political troubles
1 July 2011
Politics and geology are aligning to speed development of Israel’s new natural gas wealth
Oil sector feels strain as Yemen’s Saleh clings to power
23 May 2011
Yemen was riven with political strife long before the Arab Spring lapped up on the country’s shores