Middle East
Reforms still needed in the Gulf
8 July 2013
Strong oil prices have buoyed the economies of the GCC. But reforms are still needed
Iraq is a tangled web of competing demands
8 July 2013
Iraq's prime minister Maliki has, so far, pulled off a delicate balancing act, juggling the competing demands of the country's ethnic groups, writes Kirk Sowell. But for how much longer?
The Middle East is restless due to political troubles
8 July 2013
The upheavals that began in late 2010 have not yet played out, leaving the world's most important oil-producing region on edge
New opportunity for US and Iranian relationship
4 July 2013
Hassan Rohani's election as Iranian president gives both his country and the US a fresh chance to reset their relationship
Genel comes up with the goods despite high risk region
4 June 2013
The Anglo-Turkish player has carved out a very attractive niché for itself in Iraq’s Kurdistan region. And while the risks are high, NJ Watson argues, the rewards look set to be worth it
Syria's civil war is disrupting its energy industry
23 May 2013
The country’s civil war has exacted a heavy toll on its energy sector as government and opposition forces fight for control over the country’s most lucrative resource, as Conal Urquhart discovers
Mena faces up to carbon emissions challenge
15 May 2013
Promoting economic development and meeting climate-change commitments is a tricky balancing act, particularly for the Middle East and North Africa's hydrocarbon-fuelled states. Justin Dargin looks at the challenges - and the possible solutions
Israel grants US Genie exploration rights in Golan Heights
19 April 2013
The award raised little protest in Syria, which is enmeshed in a bitter and protracted civil war. But, as Conal Urquhart discovers, Tel Aviv's decision may have far-reaching consequences
Politics of the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline
18 April 2013
The formal launch of the Iran-Pakistan (IP) gas pipeline project has been billed as part of the solution to Pakistan’s deepening energy crisis. Its success, however, is not just a question of diplomacy
Reports suggest sanctions on Iran aren't working
2 April 2013
Two assessments of the West's strategy to stop Tehran's nuclear programme suggest the outlook is grim
Iran and US edge towards détente as deal looks possible
21 March 2013
Tehran and Washington may be nearing a political deal. But don’t count on a sharp rise in the country’s oil exports just yet
Asian advance challenges IOCs in the Gulf
19 February 2013
Concession renewals in Abu Dhabi will test corporate appetites, as Middle Eastern governments hold out for more from their foreign partners
Iraq's fractious politics weigh on oil sector
30 January 2013
Fears that country is teetering on the brink of civil war and the increasingly poisonous relations between Baghdad and Erbil may stymie Iraq's ambitions to boost crude production
Mena on the frontline of energy sector cyber war
18 January 2013
The Middle East and North Africa has become a battlefield in an increasingly hostile cyber-war. And the region’s vital energy sector is the frontline, says Justin Dargin
Oil fuels Iraq and Kurdistan political tensions
13 December 2012
Baghdad’s politics are a threat to the Kurdistan Regional Government’s energy ambitions. Can the Kurds transcend Iraq’s dysfunction?
Kurdistan eyes major role in Turkish gas market
13 December 2012
The region of Kurdistan holds promising large natural gas reserves
Iraq could be the next oil superpower despite obstacles
12 December 2012
To reach its potential, Iraq’s oil sector must overcome many obstacles
New book on Saudi Arabia important for the oil industry
30 October 2012
Karen Elliott House’s unsettling new book on Saudi Arabia is an essential guide to the mounting problems facing the country
Tightening the sanctions noose on Iran
30 October 2012
As the US and EU continue to impose additional restrictions on commerce with the Islamic Republic of Iran, companies need to increase their vigilance
Saudi Arabia remains the supply-side optimist
30 October 2012
New upstream developments and a transition away from crude-dependent power generation are essential if the kingdom is to maintain its oil-export strategy
Fragile politics remain a threat to Iraq and its energy sector
26 September 2012
Rising production and a deal between Baghdad and the KRG are positive. But fragile politics remain a threat to Iraq
Saudi Arabia's quantitative oil easing
26 September 2012
The kingdom doesn't play the spot market, so its pledge to keep pumping can only do so much
The light dims for US and Iranian relations, says book
25 September 2012
A new book documenting US-Iran relations since 1979 will leave its readers very glum about the prospects for peace
Mena governments must loosen grip on energy sector
19 September 2012
Governments across Mena should loosen control of their energy sectors, allow private firms a greater share of the upstream and push development of vast natural gas deposits in a bid to diversify their economies and remain competitive, said one of the region’s rising energy stars
Sanctions on Iran have failed to spike the oil market
16 July 2012
Soaring Saudi output has given the West an advantage in its battle with Tehran
Saudi Arabia's efforts to balance the market are working
6 July 2012
The kingdom’s efforts to balance the market are working. It may herald a new era of oil abundance