Middle East
Risks hamper Afghanistan’s exploration ambitions
11 December 2014
Security problems will keep hampering Afghan upstream plans. Pipeline transit fees offer the best hope for energy income
Saudi ruler King Abdullah reshuffles his cabinet
10 December 2014
King Abdullah took the step as a response to growing criticism of the government
Middle Eastern oil investments key to global supply security
14 November 2014
The International Energy Agency have said global demand will increase to 104m b/d by 2040
North Africa buffeted by fragile politics and markets
23 October 2014
Libya's oil output is recovering. But both it and neighbour Algeria are struggling to market their barrels
Iran’s oil hopes may hinge on Vienna outcome
23 October 2014
The fate of Iran and the sanctions against its oil sector is a wildcard facing Opec as it tries to balance the market. Meetings in the Austrian capital this month should make the picture clearer
Political problems threaten Iraq's oil industry
23 October 2014
Renewed war in northern Iraq leaves Baghdad desperate to expand exports in the south. It may also lead to a deal with the Kurdish Regional Government – but rejoining Opec’s quota system is not on the cards, writes Gerald Butt
Saudi Arabia reluctant to pull back Opec export volumes
23 October 2014
Opec’s heavyweight is no longer prepared to bear the brunt of the group’s cuts. Losing on price and volume share is to be avoided at all costs, writes Bill Farren-Price
Iraqi Prime Minister steps down as state is fracturing
20 August 2014
Vast swathes of Iraqi territory are under Islamist insurgent control, the chasm between the Kurds and Baghdad has widened again, and the country's divisive prime minister has stepped down. Kirk Sowell explains how Iraq has reached the brink
Uncertainty for Iraq oil industry as troubles divide country
7 July 2014
The Islamist-led Sunni surge leaves Iraq on the brink of collapse. Derek Brower assesses what it means for the country’s oil industry
Hope for global crude supply despite Iraq's disintegration
7 July 2014
The country is vital to the global crude supply, but the market has not panicked
China’s oil risks are limited despite Iraq crisis
16 June 2014
The country holds a large stake in Iraqi crude, but there is little immediate danger
Iraq's output surges, but many problems remain
19 March 2014
Oil output is rising quickly, but many problems still afflict Iraq’s energy sector
Progress is slow but countries consider a return to Iran
28 January 2014
Iran is complying with the interim nuclear deal struck in Geneva in November, some light sanctions relief is under way and oil companies are already getting hot under the collar as they plot a return to the country’s upstream
Tehran moots contract changes to attract IOCs
17 December 2013
Iran is preparing for a complete overhaul of its contract model, confident that the improved political atmosphere in light of the P5+1 deal will attract major international firms – so long as the terms are sufficiently inviting, reports James Gavin
Brent falls as Iran reaches deal to halt nuclear enrichment
3 December 2013
Brent and WTI prices fell in November as Iran reached a deal with the international community to halt its nuclear enrichment programme in return for a modest easing of economic sanctions
Possible Iranian nuclear deal with US on the horizon
4 October 2013
Problems still stand in the way, but the mood has shifted
Sectarian Gulf book discusses long-term problems for region
16 September 2013
Gulf autocrats weathered the Arab uprisings. But in spreading sectarianism to do so they created longer-term problems for the oil world’s most important region, Toby Matthiesen argues in his new book
Despite production outages the oil price should fall
12 September 2013
As the threat of US military action recedes and seasonal demand eases, the oil price should drop
Kuwait needs foreign investor help to reach output targets
2 September 2013
Kuwait’s ban on foreign ownership of hydrocarbons is complicating the state firm’s plan to lift oil and gas output
Threats to Saudi Aramco are overstated
23 August 2013
The threats to the world’s biggest and most important oil company are overstated
Qatar sees changing energy policy and leadership
23 August 2013
A new emir and shifting global gas fundamentals mean things are likely to be different at the mighty QP
No hope for expansion for National Iranian Oil Company
23 August 2013
Only a thaw in relations in the west can help Iran’s state firm
Gulfsands in quicksand since civil war in Syria
14 August 2013
The civil war in Syria has forced Gulfsands Petroleum into some big decisions. The jury is still out on whether these will bear fruit
New Iran president looks for quick gains despite sanctions
8 July 2013
Hassan Rohani is gearing up to choose a new government, with the focus on bringing in capable hands that are comfortable dealing with IOCs
Energy deficit in Jordan creating problems for kingdom
8 July 2013
Jordan has escaped much of the region's turmoil, but a dearth of energy supplies is causing political problems
Syria: Disintegration and little sign of recovery
8 July 2013
The brutal civil war is dragging on. It is a disaster for Syria's people, economy and oil sector