Europe & Eurasia
Novatek still bullish on Yamal LNG prospect
3 February 2016
Cut off from Western financing, the Russian gas firm is relying on Chinese and Russian backers to fund its export project
UKCS: still got it at 50
21 January 2016
Despite low oil prices and extensive job losses, UK North Sea production isn't going into meltdown
Russian output growth to hit a wall in 2016
20 January 2016
Production defied expectations last year. But weak prices, sanctions and higher taxes will start to hinder the country’s oil sector in the coming months
Bashneft among Russia's highest oil producers despite troubled history
9 December 2015
One year after being re-nationalised, Russian oil producer Bashneft is out to prove that state controlled companies aren’t always doomed to be uncompetitive
UK targets switch to gas
7 December 2015
The UK Conservative government is to consult on phasing out coal completely by 2025, but it must find ways to trigger investment in gas-fired plant
Vladimir Putin goes aggresive on energy strategy
5 November 2015
Vladimir Putin has certainly rattled western politicians with his actions over the last 15 years and kept his popularity high at home in the process
Russia could offer China better gas pricing
2 November 2015
Russia is well positioned to supply more pipeline gas to China as a weaker currency makes pricing more competitive
UK to partner with France and China to build nuclear plants
23 October 2015
Some aspects of European energy markets continue to surprise, even after a decade or so of intended competition across the continent
Tough lower carbon targets expected for Europe
20 October 2015
The approaching COP 21 talks in Paris have focused the minds of Europe’s energy producers and consumers on future regulations and their own competitiveness
Low oil prices ruin Kazakhstan’s energy hopes
20 October 2015
The country has come a long way, materially, since the Soviet days, thanks to its long-established president. But like many other oil-dependent states, its immediate future is looking less certain
UK capacity margins slimmer than ever
20 October 2015
The UK’s National Grid is having to enlist the support of standby generators and big consumers for the second year running
Kazakhstan is the second worst country for investors, says Yergin
8 October 2015
Award winning author of The Prize, Daniel Yergin, says Kazakhstan needs to change what they're offering to secure investments
Multiple explosions rock Turkish gaslines
30 September 2015
The ability of pipelines to resist hostile attack is being sorely tested in Turkey, with Kurdish separatists attacking the gaslines
Hope for UK oil industry at Offshore Europe conference
30 September 2015
The conference in Aberdeen presented a "do or die" challenge for the UK's offshore interests amid tough circumstances
European Commission brings UK gas day into line
30 September 2015
The UK is having to bring its ‘gas day’ into line with continental Europe, so that all gas grids are synchronised
Kiev negotiates a winter package with Russia and EC
22 September 2015
Ongoing negotiations between Ukraine, Russia and the EC about a new winter package are nothing like last year
UK group argues for tax cuts if low oil prices remain
10 September 2015
Many senior executives believe the oil price will remain low, resulting in calls for revisiting the government's tax policy
Russia and China strengthen energy ties
4 September 2015
Two agreements signed in Beijing 3 September serve to strengthen energy ties
Russian oil hit by sanctions and low prices
17 August 2015
Oil in Russia is being squeezed at both ends
UK enforces faster shale applications
13 August 2015
Planning applications for shale gas will be fast-tracked due to new measures announced on 13 August
Ukraine tenders for summer gas
10 August 2015
The country is tendering for supplies worth up to $300m for delivery this summer
Oil & Gas Authority sets out its aims
7 August 2015
The newly-created Oil & Gas Authority will oversee the operations of UK North Sea producers as the province moves into a period of deeper decline. Petroleum Economist asks how it will achieve this
Kiev and Privat struggle for Ukrnafta
23 July 2015
Ukraine's biggest crude and second biggest gas producer is in popular demand from the government and financial company Privat Group
Netherlands lowers Groningen output further
16 July 2015
The government has cut production to curb damage to the region's buildings
Russia’s aversion to Opec output cuts
8 May 2015
Though the country has suffered from the downturn they will not agree to change their policy
UK producers offered support worth $1.9bn by the government
18 March 2015
The measures should result in higher production and lower tax for the industry