PTTEP pushes ahead despite setbacks
23 August 2013
With an aggressive foreign strategy, Thailand’s state oil firm wants to put a string of setbacks behind it
Australia scraps carbon tax a year earlier than planned
18 July 2013
A proposal to replace Australia’s deeply unpopular tax on carbon emissions with a market-based trading system a year earlier than previously planned has been given a lukewarm response from industry
China raises gas prices amid hopes for Russia supply deal
9 July 2013
Reforms set to boost state-run PetroChina's finances and could help the country seal a gas supply deal with Gazprom
India's bold move to increase domestic gas prices
3 July 2013
India's government is set to increase domestic gas prices in a move applauded by analysts and the industry
Tonga's renewable energy push to help economy
1 July 2013
Following rising oil costs, Tonga is looking to alternative energy to reduce its reliance on imports
Pricing reform on Malaysian government agenda
20 June 2013
The country's costly fuel subsidies are in the spotlight as Najib Razak's government sets its policy priorities for the coming years. Damon Evans looks at the issues
Pricing reform could tempt investors to India's energy sector
20 May 2013
Despite its potential, major companies have largely shied away from India’s upstream sector. But they could be tempted if the government implements pricing reform
Espionage claims set back Greater Sunrise gas field
9 May 2013
Timor Leste is accusing Australia of espionage, delaying the development of the gas field
Jakarta moves to cut fuel subsidies to prevent bulging deficit
3 May 2013
Against a backdrop of street protests and political wrangling, Indonesia's government is struggling to end fuel subsidies, saying a price increase is needed to arrest its expanding fiscal deficit
Russia won't develop shale gas for a decade
19 April 2013
Conventional gas is much cheaper to produce, meaning the country will not explore its unconventional reserves for some time
Still hope for Indonesia's upstream, but incentives needed
15 April 2013
Just under half of Indonesia's potential resources have not yet been produced
China-Russia energise relations, but gas deal still out of reach
25 March 2013
China and Russia signed a raft of new deals during president Xi Jinping’s state visit to Moscow. The agreements promise to deepen the countries’ energy ties, but the crucial element of a proposed gas-supply deal – the price – has not yet been finalised
Timor-Leste facing problems with spending
28 February 2013
Timor-Leste (East Timor) was once seen as the poster child for developing nations. It had natural resources, a comprehensive legal framework covering their extraction and an oil fund. Now, almost 11 years after attaining independence, the country better resembles a problem child
Greening China’s pumps as cars expected to double in number
25 February 2013
Can efficient vehicles and a push for alternative fuels take the edge off the country’s thirst for oil?
New book reveals how China’s superbank takes on the world
20 February 2013
China Development Bank has emerged as one of the most important financial institutions in the world, bankrolling the country’s rise at home and abroad, but little is known about its operations. Justin Jacobs reviews a new book which helps shine a light on the secretive bank
Myanmar still has far to go on road to democracy
8 February 2013
Despite recent reforms, human rights and transparency issues pose real challenges for Myanmar
Clock ticking on China-Russia gas supply deal talks
16 January 2013
Russia still hopes to strike a gas supply deal with China – vital if the country’s strategic shift from Europe to Asia is to succeed. But, as Justin Jacobs argues, Russia needs to act quickly or miss out on the opportunity
Afghanistan's natural resources need investment
10 December 2012
As Kabul offers the oil industry exploration acreage in the north of the country, Richard Devine and Ana Severova* look at the legal and other challenges facing potential investors
Japan's economy in crisis as LNG imports soar
7 December 2012
Japan’s economy is in crisis as the cost of increased liquefied natural gas (LNG) imports – necessary to help power generation companies make up for the loss of nuclear capacity – has pushed the country to its first trade deficit in 31 years
Court abolishes Indonesian energy regulator
26 November 2012
Investments said to be at risk as judges rule BPMigas is unconstitutional
Indonesia weighs up energy conundrum
26 November 2012
The country is struggling to attract investment despite being Southeast Asia's largest oil producer
New measures for China’s energy efficiency drive
15 November 2012
China, the world’s largest energy consumer, wants to cut its fuel import bill and reduce its carbon footprint – and sees new efficiency measures as the way to do it
China tops up its tanks amid escalating import dependence
31 October 2012
China’s escalating dependence on oil imports has spurred the country to pursue an ambitious strategic stockpiling programme that is expected to be a feature of the global oil market throughout this decade
China stockpiling imports masks tepid oil demand
10 July 2012
China’s oil imports continue to surge, but is it sustainable, and what are the long-term impacts?
India has potential to be a major gas importer
24 May 2012
With brand new liquefied natural gas infrastructure and new pipelines opening, India has the potential to be a major gas importer. But the government faces a dilemma which may scupper its gas ambitions. Does it deliver much-needed market reform or does it protect millions of citizens living below the poverty line?
Japan trades on new LNG role fuelled by stronger yen
3 May 2012
Japanese trading houses are reinventing their role in the gas game fuelled by a stronger yen, healthy balance sheets and a new political vigor