Australia's emissions projected to increase by 24%
8 July 2014
The country’s short-term perspective and regressive approach to climate policy is drawing flak
Palmer steps in to Australian climate change debate
26 June 2014
Politician Clive Palmer stepped in to oppose the government's plans
IEA sees Golden Age for China gas as demand will double
12 June 2014
Chinese gas demand will double over the next five years due to a commitment to clean up the country's pollution
Sinopec spends big to hit shale gas targets
4 June 2014
Figures from Bloomberg New Energy Finance reveal that the country's costs are higher than competitors
Russia's ambitions in Asia will boost the energy producer
30 May 2014
Russia’s strategic shift to Asia will put the world’s largest energy producer at the centre of the world’s biggest energy market
Russia and China deal holds new opportunities
30 May 2014
Russia has long craved the Chinese market and China needs gas. The $400 billion deal opens a new trade
Opening Russia’s gas market after liberalisation of LNG exports
30 May 2014
Domestic liberalisation is a boon to the country’s large independent suppliers and is busting open Gazprom’s monopoly on exports
Russia and China agree $400bn gas deal
29 May 2014
Russia’s $400bn gas deal with China will have ramifications across the world
New hope for India’s moribund energy sector after election
19 May 2014
India’s next prime minister, Narendra Modi, has the chance to revitalise the energy sector and shape how the country engages with international investors
Asia vulnerable to oil shock in Strait of Hormuz
15 May 2014
Asia’s increasingly energy import dependent economies would suffer the worst of the fallout
China and Vietnam clash over drilling in disputed waters
13 May 2014
Tensions have been renewed after Chinese company Cnooc moved a rig into the South China Sea area, 32 km south of the disputed Paracel Islands
India delays gas pricing reform until after elections
30 April 2014
The Indian government’s surprise decision to delay the increase in natural gas prices until after the general elections in mid-May will not only cost upstream players billions of dollars in lost revenues, but it also highlights the political risks faced by investors
PetroChina shale caution tempers Beijing's ambitions
31 March 2014
The state-run company is reluctant to stray from conventional and tight gas projects
Asia-Pacific’s shale gas potential yet to be tapped
5 December 2013
Promising plays are scattered across the region, but exploration has scarcely begun
Australian state Victoria maintains ban on fracking
27 November 2013
The eastern Australian state of Victoria will maintain a ban on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) at least until 2015
China's economic reforms promise big changes for energy sector
22 November 2013
A shift to market pricing and a new focus on environmental protection will produce new winners and losers
Indonesian CBM potential overlooked by investors
6 November 2013
Indonesia's coal-bed methane (CBM) potential has been largely overlooked by investors, leading one prominent unconventional gas consultancy to describe it as a "stealth sleeper play"
President Park calls for broader Asian energy cooperation
17 October 2013
South Korea’s president voices support for proposed gas trunkline from Russia
East Asia weighs up super-grid plan to link Russia to Japan
17 October 2013
Power network linking Russia to Japan "concrete way towards a more harmonious region"
China faces dire energy challenges, says energy official
17 October 2013
Wang Yumin vows green growth, as Russia and Canada outline plans to meet global needs
South Korea finds balance between security and emissions
15 October 2013
Juggling the need for energy security and adequate supply while cutting emissions is a tough task. Justin Jacobs looks at how South Korea deals with these competing demands
ADB warns carbon emissions will increase by 65% in Asia
15 October 2013
The carbon dioxide emissions are expected to increase to 22 billion tonnes by 2035
GS Caltex boss calls on South Korea to better manage demand
15 October 2013
The head of one of South Korea's main energy companies told WEC 2013 his country needs to shift energy policy from a supply focus to managing energy demand
Chinese Big Oil under threat amid corruption scandal
4 October 2013
China's major state-owned producers have been dogged by a spate of corruption scandals, with senior officials accused of abusing their positions and encouraging anti-competitive practices. Will new president Xi Jinping curb the might of the country's big three?
CBM urgent priority for Australia, says government
25 September 2013
Australia’s incoming Liberal-National coalition government has made clear that development of the gas industry, particularly the removal of barriers in the coal-bed methane (CBM) sector, will be an urgent priority
Russia's energy trade with China to quadruple by 2025
23 September 2013
The value of Russia's energy trade with China could quadruple by 2025, according to a new study