Tide is turning for Myanmar, Malaysia and Indonesia
11 May 2017
As their economies grow, the three countries need upstream investment to meet rapidly rising demand
Saudi Arabia pivots east
9 May 2017
Asia will remain the driving force behind global energy demand growth, and the kingdom is poised to meet the region's needs
Made in India
5 April 2017
Plans to increase the manufacturing base and sustain high GDP growth will underpin rising oil demand and imports
China's new fuel standard
21 February 2017
Under pressure, Sinopec launches cleaner Beijing Six gasoline
Weaker China, stronger India
1 December 2016
It was a mixed year in Asia's energy sector, where the oil market's gaze shifted away from its stalwart to a new rising economy
Cleaning and greening Indian energy
16 November 2016
New Delhi has signed up to the Paris climate-change agreement. Now it needs a cogent plan for natural gas
A 'scrap of paper' in the water
6 September 2016
China has not accepted a ruling denying its claim to energy-rich territory in the South China Sea. It may heighten tensions in the area
India's oil minister: 'We want to increase gas consumption'
13 July 2016
Natural gas is cheap, abundant and cleaner than other fossil fuels. It’s the fuel for India, says the oil and natural gas minister, Dharmendra Pradhan
A renminbi threat to oil?
20 April 2016
A major Chinese currency devaluation probably wouldn’t hurt Chinese oil demand as much as some think
Indonesia looks to top up its fuel tanks
15 March 2016
The Indonesian government wants to open the downstream playing field to attract tens of billions of dollars in private investment this year
Indonesia grasps at ever-widening energy deficit
6 January 2016
Southeast Asia's largest hydrocarbon producer has always thought carefully before acting and the present regime, now more than a year old, shows no signs of breaking with tradition
China approves Shell's BG Group takeover
15 December 2015
The Ministry of Commerce green light marks the last regulatory hurdle for the deal and clearing the way for a final shareholder vote in the coming weeks
Good crisis management needed to boost Australia’s production sector
7 December 2015
Increased Australian productivity and competitiveness should allow the nation to drive output during global downturn
China slashes natural gas prices by 30%
20 November 2015
LNG exporters will welcome the return of a major buyer, while domestic producers will be less happy with the change.
Coal grows in prominence in Southeast Asia
4 November 2015
As leaders gathered for Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW), coal was at the forefront of discussions
India cuts gas prices by 18%
8 October 2015
The well-head gas price has dropped to $3.82/m British thermal units (Btu) which could discourage investment in the fields
New law hands Pertamina power as Indonesia dodge energy crisis
18 August 2015
Indonesia needs investors to avert an energy crisis. But a proposed law, widely hoped to improve the fiscal and regulatory environment, appears disappointing
China hopes to stimulate demand by cutting gas prices
5 August 2015
The country will cut regulated gas prices in order to encourage demand
Central Asian gas increasingly reliant on Chinese market
30 June 2015
Central Asian gas exports are challenged by reduced Russian demand and a growing reliance on the Chinese market - just as the latter’s demand growth begins to falter
China's slowing economy may threaten energy markets
28 May 2015
After a decade of rampant growth, the Chinese economy is cooling. The way the country uses energy is changing too
China's NOCs start to feel the pinch
28 May 2015
The country’s oil giants aren’t in the rosiest financial health, but remain ready to scoop up assets elsewhere
Cautious optimism over China's shale-gas plans
28 May 2015
The country’s huge reserves are not living up to their promise
Speculation of restructuring in China's oil and gas industry
28 May 2015
Talks have been held as Beijing faces increasing pressure to change the industry
Kuala Lumpur's energy industry gathers steam
18 May 2015
Delegates at the Asia Oil and Gas Conference heard that optimism is high for the region’s future
Tough times set to persist for Russia's oil sector borrowers
17 April 2015
Western sanctions are harming the industry causing foreign investments to slump
China’s ‘New Normal’ will hit oil demand
7 April 2015
The world’s second-largest economy is undergoing structural changes to create more sustainable growth that will have long-lasting effects for oil demand