Market holds breath as Nigeria goes to polls
13 April 2011
Energy markets have been on edge in case Nigeria’s month-long elections spark violence against oil and gas installations in the volatile Niger Delta
Uganda on the road to production after settling Tullow tax dispute
12 April 2011
The settlement of Tullow’s tax dispute with the government paves the way for a new African oil producer
A division of the spoils: Uncertainty for Libya's energy sector
31 March 2011
As UN-backed military action targets Qadhafi's forces, Libya's oil and gas industry faces a difficult and uncertain future
Sudan referendum expected to end in partition
27 January 2011
Announcement of the referendum result is expected in early February, and is almost certain to result in secession
Sudan: High stakes, high diplomacy for a country split
28 October 2010
AFRICA is due to welcome a new state in January, when South Sudan votes in a referendum for independence from the north – or, if the referendum is delayed, simply declares independence
Niger Delta stability in the balance, as Forcados oil exports resume
1 July 2010
THE RESUMPTION of exports from Shell's Forcados oil terminal reflects an improved security situation in the Niger Delta following last year's militant amnesty. But doubts over the region's long-term stability threaten to jeopardise badly needed investment
Sudan: Divided inheritance for oil sector
2 June 2010
PRESIDENT Omar Bashir won a decisive victory in Sudan's April elections, with 68% of the vote. Salva Kiir retained his job as president of Sudan's semi-autonomous south, with 93% of the South Sudan vote
Nigeria: New talks on petroleum reform
2 June 2010
THE GOVERNMENT's controversial Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB), which had been due to become law early this year, is set to be reworked following criticism from the producing companies
Make-or-break time for Nigerian oil
4 May 2010
The government's oil reforms, seen initially as positive for the industry, have been high-jacked by the country's legislators and now threaten upstream investment, Martin Quinlan writes
Angola: alarm-bells ring in Cabinda
1 March 2010
The recent murderous attack on a foreign football team has allowed the Cabindan separatist movement to take the world stage – and it raises security concerns for about a quarter of Angola's oil production, Martin Quinlan writes
Egypt: oil firms taking the rough with the smooth
1 March 2010
Modest increases in Egypt's oil and gas reserves are keeping IOCs interested, despite concerns over investment terms, writes Digby Lidstone
Nigeria's gas conundrum
4 January 2010
The Nigerian gas sector remains short on investment and direction, but IOCs remain committed to the country and now Russia's Gazprom is securing its position, writes Ian Lewis
Libya slides back into petro-politics
2 November 2009
Political interference in Libya's energy sector is on the rise, but, for now, it remains business-as-usual for IOCs, writes James Gavin
China in Africa: the honeymoon is over
2 November 2009
China's national oil companies remain a central feature of energy operations in Africa, but their influence has been tempered, writes Ian Lewis
Libya tightens control over energy sector
5 October 2009
A shake up at the top of Libya's oil and gas sector could spell a harsher climate for foreign investors
Bribery charge hits Halliburton profits
1 May 2009
Without a $308m charge, Halliburton's Q4 profits would have registered a healthy 12.5% rise. The firm's international expansion is helping it weather the economic crisis, writes NJ Watson
Glimmers of hope for Nigeria
1 May 2009
Unreformed energy agencies and a difficult economic and funding outlook make it hard for investors to enthuse about Nigeria's energy sector. But Gazprom is undeterred, writes Ian Lewis