Terror attack casts long shadow over Algeria’s troubled upstream
24 January 2013
BP fears the worst as the outcomes of the terror attack on Tigantourine wet-gas complex remain unknown
The Tigantourine crisis is over, but new ones await Algeria
24 January 2013
The murder of oil workers in Algeria was a shocking, barbarous act. The dead men at the Tigantourine wet-gas complex, near In Amenas, were not politicians or soldiers. They were innocent oilmen doing their job. That they are now targets of terrorists in the Sahel opens a disturbing new chapter for the oil industry in the Middle East and North Africa (Mena), with serious ramifications for the region's governments and investors alike.
Libya reaches 1.6 million b/d output milestone, promises more to come
7 November 2012
Libya’s oil production has reached 1.6 million barrels a day (b/d), confirming the country’s output recovery just over a year after civil war shut in its output
PGNiG to return to Libya for first time since civil war
7 November 2012
The Polish company could resume operations this month, after leaving due to conflict
Not quite scramble time for Libyan investors after elections
26 July 2012
Libya’s first post-Qadhafi elections had many positives. But clarity for investors is not yet among them
Uncertain future for Libya as new books track the country's past
10 July 2012
Two recent books tell the story of the uprising that toppled Muammar Qadhafi. But the new country’s future is still up for grabs
International Gas Union sets focus on Africa’s gas realms
10 July 2012
Khaled Abubakr speaks to Ian Lewis about the growing importance of Africa’s gas
Both Sudans pay high price for output shut-in
6 July 2012
In a bid to force Sudan's hand in talks over oil infrastructure access, in February South Sudan halted all its production. The shut-in is still in place and both countries are suffering as revenues dry up
Sudan’s oil war intensifies six months after independence
25 January 2012
South Sudan is again locked in conflict with its former rulers in Khartoum. This time, oil is the weapon of choice for both
Nigeria’s energy unions cry wolf as markets dismiss threat
17 January 2012
The energy market has grown increasingly dismissive of Nigeria’s oil and gas unions and their seemingly empty threats to shut in the county’s energy exports
Sudan on brink of new oil war as air force bombs refugee camp
10 November 2011
The Sudanese air force today flew a sortie across the international border with South Sudan, and bombed a refugee camp
Libya defies forecasts and quickly ramps up oil production
25 October 2011
The swift recovery of oil production defies outsiders’ expectations
After Qadhafi, the new test is uniting Libya
21 October 2011
The dictator's death ends the war in Libya. Can the NTC now govern with authority?
Libya oil output to double by November
10 October 2011
Leaked report provides updates on oil production from the all the country's fields; output nearing 370,000 b/d
Oil and politics – Libya’s risky business
7 October 2011
The swift resumption and return to pre-war levels of oil production will be crucial to the success of a new Libya. A transparent oil and gas framework is vital
Rivalries threaten Libya’s new rulers
3 October 2011
The NTC is struggling to control factional differences within the country. Will it be able to govern with authority?
As Libya’s crude output rises, so do oil workers’ expectations
29 September 2011
Talk to Libyan oilmen and their message is as optimistic as it is clear: they’re bringing their sector back on stream quickly and are ready to supply the West with its light sweet crude. They’re not wrong
Libya nears appointment of new oil minister
20 September 2011
Internal rivalries are still hitting the National Transitional Council’s (NTC) efforts to form a new Libyan government and uncertainty hangs over the future of Mahmoud Jibril, the fledgling government’s second-in-command
Time to lift the transparency lid on Qadhafi’s oil contracts
5 September 2011
As Libya enters a new era, the National Transitional Council must embrace transparency
Libyan oil's fraught return to market after Qadhafi era
1 September 2011
Oil production has resumed, but as Libya steps out of Qadhafi’s shadow, what comes next?
South Sudan strapped for oil cash
24 August 2011
About 98% of South Sudan’s income is derived from its oilfields, but the country has not received any oil money since May
Sudan’s oil sector impasse amid sanctions
22 August 2011
Nobody’s a winner as deadlock between north and south over oil-revenue sharing and pipeline access, and onerous sanctions leave Sudanese oil production in limbo, writes Anthea Pitt
The end of the beginning for Libya
22 August 2011
Western and Arab nations that have helped bring the rebels within sight of victory should redouble efforts to ensure they win the peace, too
Sudan counts on China for critical cash amid sanctions
18 August 2011
China remains Sudan's largest trade partner, but within a few weeks the US will decide whether to remove Sudan from its list of state sponsors of terrorism
Libya's rebels have political support, now they need cash
27 July 2011
Political support is welcome, but Libya's rebels need the cash their allies have promised
South Sudan: A new republic built on oil
18 July 2011
Oil was the elephant in the room on independence day. But it’s as crucial to South Sudan’s future as it was to its past