Oil and politics – Libya’s risky business
7 October 2011
The swift resumption and return to pre-war levels of oil production will be crucial to the success of a new Libya. A transparent oil and gas framework is vital
Rivalries threaten Libya’s new rulers
3 October 2011
The NTC is struggling to control factional differences within the country. Will it be able to govern with authority?
As Libya’s crude output rises, so do oil workers’ expectations
29 September 2011
Talk to Libyan oilmen and their message is as optimistic as it is clear: they’re bringing their sector back on stream quickly and are ready to supply the West with its light sweet crude. They’re not wrong
Libya nears appointment of new oil minister
20 September 2011
Internal rivalries are still hitting the National Transitional Council’s (NTC) efforts to form a new Libyan government and uncertainty hangs over the future of Mahmoud Jibril, the fledgling government’s second-in-command
Time to lift the transparency lid on Qadhafi’s oil contracts
5 September 2011
As Libya enters a new era, the National Transitional Council must embrace transparency
Libyan oil's fraught return to market after Qadhafi era
1 September 2011
Oil production has resumed, but as Libya steps out of Qadhafi’s shadow, what comes next?
South Sudan strapped for oil cash
24 August 2011
About 98% of South Sudan’s income is derived from its oilfields, but the country has not received any oil money since May
Sudan’s oil sector impasse amid sanctions
22 August 2011
Nobody’s a winner as deadlock between north and south over oil-revenue sharing and pipeline access, and onerous sanctions leave Sudanese oil production in limbo, writes Anthea Pitt
The end of the beginning for Libya
22 August 2011
Western and Arab nations that have helped bring the rebels within sight of victory should redouble efforts to ensure they win the peace, too
Sudan counts on China for critical cash amid sanctions
18 August 2011
China remains Sudan's largest trade partner, but within a few weeks the US will decide whether to remove Sudan from its list of state sponsors of terrorism
Libya's rebels have political support, now they need cash
27 July 2011
Political support is welcome, but Libya's rebels need the cash their allies have promised
South Sudan: A new republic built on oil
18 July 2011
Oil was the elephant in the room on independence day. But it’s as crucial to South Sudan’s future as it was to its past
Exclusive: Libya rebels ready to begin pumping oil
15 July 2011
Oil output could reportedly reach 180,000 barrels a day (b/d) in the short term
Libyan rebels advance, but troubles await
14 July 2011
Qadhafi cannot hang on much longer. But what comes after for Libya and the country’s oil sector? Derek Brower reports
Exclusive: Tunisia bank helping Qadhafi evade fuel embargo
28 June 2011
Alubaf International Bank Tunis is providing a letter of credit to traders willing to break an embargo on supplies of fuel to parts of Libya still under Muammar Qadhafi’s control
Qadhafi loyalists replace Ghanem in top oil job
20 June 2011
Omran Abukraa has been appointed chairman of Libya’s state-owned National Oil Company
Qadhafi’s days are numbered amid sanctions and shortages
14 June 2011
Sanctions, fuel shortages and Nato attacks have taken their toll. Qadhafi’s departure is imminent
One step forward, one back, for Libya rebels' oil exports
14 June 2011
Libya's rebels have found a way to export oil through a pipeline to Tobruk
EXCLUSIVE: EU chokes Qadhafi's fuel supply
2 June 2011
Brussels tightens sanctions regime; Direct trade with Tripoli targeted
Libya at the crossroads as Western powers intensify campaign
26 May 2011
Stifling Qadhafi’s fuel supplies might end the war. But, with the country’s political structures and its economy virtually destroyed, what comes after?
EXCLUSIVE: Defector Ghanem on the move from Libya
18 May 2011
Shokri Ghanem, the latest high-profile defector from Muammar Qadhafi’s regime, has left Tunisia and is believed to be heading for Dubai, Petroleum Economist has learned
Libya in limbo as fighting concentrates on oil infrastructure
27 April 2011
“Nato: do it right or leave the fight!” reads a sign in Benghazi, heart of the rebellion against Libya’s Muammar Qadhafi
The war for Libya’s oil
27 April 2011
Derek Brower reports from inside the rebel-held east of the country
EXCLUSIVE: Libyan rebels will reward their ‘friends’
20 April 2011
Libya’s TNC shuts door on Ghanem; post-conflict oil output to soar; Tarhouni vows to honour Qadhafi-era contracts
EXCLUSIVE: Libya’s rebels beg West for cash
19 April 2011
Tarhouni calls on Europe to open Qadhafi's foreign bank accounts
EXCLUSIVE: Libya rebels eye oil restart in weeks
19 April 2011
The resumption of oil production, and exports, from rebel-controlled Libyan oilfields is vital to the success of the insurgency