Waning Algeria
8 July 2016
Hit hard by the oil-price collapse, Algeria’s energy sector and economy are struggling with political inertia, giving investors little to cheer
Distress ahead in the Nigerian delta?
8 July 2016
Far from hitting a 2.2m b/d output target this year, Nigeria’s entire onshore production is now at risk
Libyan oil unity?
8 July 2016
A deal to unite the eastern and western NOCs could lift output quickly – or crumble in a battle over revenue
Egypt's petroleum minister: a man with a plan
8 June 2016
Tarek el-Molla believes his country will be a major oil hub, and self-sufficient in natural gas
Buhari’s Delta gamble
25 May 2016
Fresh violence in Nigeria’s oil heartland is cutting output and threatening upstream investment
No end in sight in the war for Libya’s oil
25 May 2016
Production and exports have collapsed and may fall further. The country may be split in two. Oil is at the centre of the zero-sum conflict
Algeria’s deepening energy problems
13 April 2016
Insecurity, economic malaise and uncertainty about the presidential succession are hindering the country’s oil and gas sector
Libya’s enduring calamity
24 March 2016
A new unity government seems destined to deliver neither unity nor government
Libya on the brink
7 January 2016
Hopes for the UN's unity government are fading, IS is capitalising on the chaos, renewing its assault on energy infrastructure, and the drumbeat for Western intervention is getting louder
Choppy waters ahead for Equatorial Guinea as production declines
9 December 2015
Minister of mines, industry and energy, Gabriel Obiang Lima, is taking a hard line with investors amid low oil prices and falling output
Division in Libya slows production
18 November 2015
Libya’s Zueitina terminal has been shut again amid an effort by the east to wrest control of the country’s crude-export revenue
Nigeria to renegotiate fiscal terms for offshore PSCs
19 October 2015
The timing of renegotiation of fiscal terms for offshore production-sharing contracts (PSCs) signed two decades ago is questionable for state-owned NNPC
Key petroleum legislation delayed in South Africa
30 September 2015
Until the Mineral Petroleum Resource Development Act (MPRDA) is passed investments are uncertain
Ghana is attempting to stabilise economy amid low oil prices
22 August 2015
Ghana is seeking to boost investment in its oil and gas industry, as misjudged government spending, infrastructure delays and low prices dull the optimistic mood
Nigeria appoints new head of NNPC to crack down on corruption
13 August 2015
Nigeria’s president has made good on his promise to reform the energy sector with key appointments already announced, but the legislative workload ahead is daunting
Hope for peace negotiations in Libya
29 June 2015
Talks between Tobruk and Misrata offer more hope than the UN-led negotiations
Nigeria sets out on oil reform to curb corruption
8 May 2015
The country's new president promises reform in oil policy and a war against the corrupt practises in the African nation
Nigeria’s Buhari: Oil companies see optimism and risks
15 April 2015
Nigeria’s new government, headed by former-general Muhammadu Buhari, arrives with plans which could be positive for the oil companies - but with the risk of stirring up increased dissent in the producing areas
Egyptian government hopes to attract foreign investment
8 April 2015
The government is reforming the business climate to attract foreign investment — and it has gas and oil projects at the top of its wish-list
Libya's Ghani oilfield raided by Islamic State
20 March 2015
"There was screaming and shouting - It was chaos" - a soldier from the country's Petroleum Facilities Guard speaks out about the gunmen's murderous raid on the Ghani oilfield
Instability in Libya threatens oil industry
23 February 2015
The West must stop ignoring the collapse of a country it helped break but forgot to help fix
Review: The Libyan Revolution and its Aftermath
10 February 2015
A new book helps explain why the revolution to topple Muammar Qadhafi turned sour so quickly
Attack at Libya's Es-Sider threatens oil industry
14 January 2015
The attack at Es-Sider has plunged the country's oil industry into its ever-deepening civil war
Angola and Nigeria hurt by US tight oil production
23 October 2014
Oil production in the US is hurting West Africa’s Opec members, even as their own output rises
Energy investment key to Africa’s economic growth
22 October 2014
The area needs $3 trillion investment in infrastructure by 2030, says the IEA
Egypt gives IOCs hope despite major challenges
6 August 2014
Despite the major operational challenges they face, international oil and gas companies (IOCs) with interests in Egypt have some cause for comfort