Hope for peace negotiations in Libya
29 June 2015
Talks between Tobruk and Misrata offer more hope than the UN-led negotiations
Nigeria sets out on oil reform to curb corruption
8 May 2015
The country's new president promises reform in oil policy and a war against the corrupt practises in the African nation
Nigeria’s Buhari: Oil companies see optimism and risks
15 April 2015
Nigeria’s new government, headed by former-general Muhammadu Buhari, arrives with plans which could be positive for the oil companies - but with the risk of stirring up increased dissent in the producing areas
Egyptian government hopes to attract foreign investment
8 April 2015
The government is reforming the business climate to attract foreign investment — and it has gas and oil projects at the top of its wish-list
Libya's Ghani oilfield raided by Islamic State
20 March 2015
"There was screaming and shouting - It was chaos" - a soldier from the country's Petroleum Facilities Guard speaks out about the gunmen's murderous raid on the Ghani oilfield
Instability in Libya threatens oil industry
23 February 2015
The West must stop ignoring the collapse of a country it helped break but forgot to help fix
Review: The Libyan Revolution and its Aftermath
10 February 2015
A new book helps explain why the revolution to topple Muammar Qadhafi turned sour so quickly
Attack at Libya's Es-Sider threatens oil industry
14 January 2015
The attack at Es-Sider has plunged the country's oil industry into its ever-deepening civil war
Angola and Nigeria hurt by US tight oil production
23 October 2014
Oil production in the US is hurting West Africa’s Opec members, even as their own output rises
Energy investment key to Africa’s economic growth
22 October 2014
The area needs $3 trillion investment in infrastructure by 2030, says the IEA
Egypt gives IOCs hope despite major challenges
6 August 2014
Despite the major operational challenges they face, international oil and gas companies (IOCs) with interests in Egypt have some cause for comfort
End of Libyan oil blockade comes with risks
25 July 2014
An agreement to resume exports has reassured oil markets. But several hurdles remain, Chris Stephen reports from Tripoli
South Sudan struggling to develop oil industry
4 July 2014
Three years on, the euphoria surrounding South Sudan’s independence has ebbed away as the country slides deeper into civil war
Meeting East Africa's oil expectations in Kenya
29 May 2014
The next 12 months will be critical for the region's hydrocarbons play. But as Will Crisp discovers, the challenges ahead extend beyond firming up reserves
New books tell of Sudan and South Sudan's troubled relationship
29 May 2014
Two new books tell the sorry tale of South Sudan and Sudan, and the oil at the heart of their dysfunctional relationship. Review by Anthea Pitt
Egypt needs to reform to ensure post-revolution investment
17 March 2014
Egyptian policy-makers face significant challenges - not least stabilising the country's energy sector and encouraging much-needed inward investment
North Africa Silurian hot shale has potential
24 January 2014
The region has plenty of unconventional oil to exploit. Politics is the only real obstacle
Madagascar could lead unconventionals push
24 January 2014
Sub-Saharan Africa holds known oil sands and shale oil resources, but politics make exploitation tricky
Angola faces oil production and development problems
22 January 2014
The one-time tiger of the oil world has lost its way
South Sudan conflict could cripple oil industry for decades
22 January 2014
The fighting beween the two Sudans has caused much loss of life and yet both sides could cause untold damage to their long-term economic future
Beijing may rethink hands-off approach in South Sudan
22 January 2014
Conflict in the area is causing worry for China and the CNPC, who are heavily invested in South Sudan
Sharp fall in Angola's production capacity
22 January 2014
Angola has seen a substantial loss of production capacity as older fields decline
Libya's rebels struggle to secure cash and recognition
20 January 2014
Oil remains at the heart of an increasingly bitter war of words between the government in Tripoli and Benghazi-based insurgents
Libya rebels warn oil port bid will result in extreme anarchy
13 December 2013
The rebel group that controls three of Libya’s biggest oil ports has rejected a pledge by Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan to reopen the terminals on 15 December
Nigeria's NNPC accused of withholding oil revenue
12 December 2013
The Central Bank of Nigeria says the withheld revenues total almost $50 billion
Tanzania's offshore gas plans slow amid protests
25 October 2013
Tanzania's offshore gas reserves are developing quickly. Plans to use the resource are not. Hopeful LNG exporters will have to be patient