Redrawing the map
1 May 2005
Little-explored Southern Sudan has huge oil potential. But despite January's peace deal, which brought 21 years of civil war to an end, the ownership of resources remains a contested issue. Steve Hawkes visited the leaders of the Sudanese People's Liberation Movement, in southern Sudan
Pipelines and peace talks
1 February 2004
The prospect of further oil and gas investment is opening up in Sudan as the guns fall silent on Africa’s longest-running civil war. Martin Clark reports
$2.7bn apology whets oil company appetites
1 October 2003
The lifting of UN sanctions is a first step towards bringing in the new investment the country needs to re-invigorate its oil and gas sector. But obstacles still remain, not least the unilateral US sanctions that prevent the country’s oil companies investing in Libya, writes James Gavin
No longer the dry-hole capital of the world
1 September 2003
It may still be a high-risk exploration area, but interest is rising in offshore gas, where confirmation of a 2 trillion cf field may come in January. The imminent results of a licensing round will demonstrate the extent of international excitement. The country could be on the verge of shedding its old reputation as the dry-hole capital of the world. Nigel Ash investigates
Everything to play for
1 June 2003
Within a few years, Nigeria should see its oil production capacity rise by a third and its LNG exports double. By the end of the decade – if government plans are fulfilled – it could even be the second-largest oil producer in Opec and the world’s second- or third-largest LNG exporter. Political and tribal tensions, corruption and an ideological resistance to foreign companies being involved in the exploitation of its mineral wealth will be the most likely causes of failure, Martin Quinlan writes
Broadening horizons
1 November 2002
Oil production has grown exponentially in the last few years, transforming the country’s economic fortunes, and exploration efforts in the Gulf of Guinea are continuing. Based on known resources, production should continue to rise for the next three years, says Cristóbal Mañana Ela, the energy minister. Tom Nicholls reports
Peace hopes lift Talisman
1 September 2002
Changing Nigeria
1 July 2002
The government has promised to clean up the country’s economy and help the oil and gas sector realise its full potential, ending years of inefficiency and corruption. David Townsend looks at some of the recent developments in Nigeria
Progress at last
1 July 2002
The energy potential of some of the region’s smaller countries shows great promise. But a lack of infrastructure, scant exploration activity by the majors, struggling economies and isolation from consuming markets have resulted in insufficient investment in energy projects, writes David Townsend
Oil, not war
1 March 2002
The latest, shaky attempts to secure a peace agreement in the civil war in Sudan offer the promise of long-awaited stability and the possibility of progress in upstream development. David Townsend reports on the country’s potential and speaks to one of the country’s foreign operators
Promoting private-sector investment in energy
1 February 2000
African energy ministers, US government officials, representatives from the US’s private sector and other interested parties met recently in Tucson, Arizona, in an effort to direct more investment to Africa.