Energy leaders give stark warning on climate change
17 October 2013
Climate change experts have warned that the international community must do more to halt global warming, writes Helen Robertson
Turkey's preparations for WEC 2016 underway
17 October 2013
The country was named as the host of the congress last November
IEA champions efficiency as new fuel source
17 October 2013
The International Energy Agency (IEA) is championing energy efficiency as a major new fuel with huge potential to cut carbon emissions, as well as pollution, whilst providing cost effective energy security, writes Damon Evans
Supermajors have lost ground amid the rise of IOCs and NOCs
17 October 2013
Genel boss Hayward tells delegates tyranny of scale may force IOCs to rethink strategy
Experts split over how to fund development
17 October 2013
Development banks and commercial institutions argue for different strategies to provide energy to the world’s poor
World Energy Congress 2013 begins in Daegu
15 October 2013
As delegates arrive in Daegu, Damon Evans weighs up the issues topping the agenda at the World Energy Congress 2013
The drive to clean up the energy system has stalled, says director
14 October 2013
Maria van der Hoeven, executive director of the International Energy Agency (IEA), speaks to WEC Congress News about the issues and sectors likely to top the agenda for delegates to this year's World Energy Congress
Oil prices remain threat to world economy, says IEA
1 October 2013
Chief economist at the IEA said Europe is especially vulnerable to high prices
Climate change talks nudge forward but difficulties remain
1 July 2013
Negotiators working towards a global climate change agreement claim they are making steady progress, but many details remain to be hammered out
IEA calls for global action on climate change
11 June 2013
A report by the IEA says the world must do more to prevent rising temperatures
IMF publishes report on energy subsidy reform
28 March 2013
A new report from the IMF tots up the staggering costs of energy subsidies and offers governments a template for escaping the subsidy trap
Global economic woes depress crude prices
18 March 2013
Persistent economic issues in Europe, China and the US contributed to falling oil prices
Doha deal paves the way for higher emissions costs
16 January 2013
The latest round of climate change talks did not result in a binding global climate agreement, but it has paved the way for higher emissions costs
Economic downturn derailing the fight against climate change
10 January 2013
WEF has warned that climate change is placing increasing amounts of stress on global economies
Oil prices rally on US Federal Reserve's QE3 programme
25 September 2012
The bond-buying programme is a bid to jump start US economic growth
Australia and EU link carbon markets with trading scheme
6 September 2012
Australia has signed up to join the EU’s carbon emission trading scheme in what both hope is the first step towards a global carbon market, but is Europe's troubled market the best model?
Gloomy economic outlook weighs on oil
24 May 2012
Global crude prices fell in May due to gloomy outlooks for European and Chinese economies and signs that Iran may allow nuclear inspectors into the country, lifting concern of Middle East conflict disrupting supply
Due diligence key in working around sanctions
4 April 2012
The risks of unwittingly breaching sanctions against Iran have risen as the US and EU have tightened their restrictions targeting commerce with the Islamic Republic
Market poised between Iran threat and Saudi-US softening tactics
29 March 2012
Global oil prices remain strong, buoyed by the West’s stand-off with Iran, but braced for a release of strategic stocks by the US, where soaring gasoline prices threaten to derail the economic recovery
Global warming: Now for the hard part
17 January 2012
Global leaders agreed – yet again – that reaching a new climate deal is crucial to fight global warming. But will there be action to give substance to the talk?
COP-17: New meeting, same old problem
25 October 2011
The goal of achieving a global CO2 emissions-reduction target remains a distant prospect as the world gathers in Durban
Opec divided: Iran's risky battle with Saudi Arabia
9 June 2011
Opec’s Gulf states hold the aces – spare oil-production capacity – in a high-risk, high-profile spat between its members. Derek Brower reports from Vienna
Transparency: no tall order for Clare Short and the EITI
27 April 2011
By embracing and enhancing the EITI, resource companies will level the playing field, says Clare Short
Patrick Moore: The 'sensible environmentalist'
31 March 2011
There is little love lost between Patrick Moore and Greenpeace
Poor feel the pain as food and oil prices surge
31 March 2011
Rising food prices will push millions of poor people deeper into poverty. Soaring oil prices are partly to blame
Cancun climate talks: A first step to replacing Kyoto
27 January 2011
The Kyoto protocol expires in 2012. But there is much uncertainty about what will replace it