International oil-storage operators expand on supply trends
7 December 2011
The big international independent oil-storage operators are implementing capacity expansions to support the growing long-distance trade in refined products
Singapore oil-storage demand drives area plans
7 December 2011
The strength of the Singapore oil-supply hub has led to the firming-up of refinery and terminal plans close by in southern Malaysia
US oil-storage dips on price trends
7 December 2011
Unfavourable futures prices have taken the steam out of the US independent oil-storage business, but physical flows of fuel components continue as a volume driver at refinery-hub terminals
Gazprom fires first salvo in European gas war
23 May 2011
Gas pipelines and LNG prepare to battle for market supremacy in Europe
Bergermeer gas storage starts selling capacity in the Netherlands
13 May 2011
Abu Dhabi National Energy (Taqa) started selling long-term storage capacity at the Bergermeer gas storage facility, in the Netherlands, this week, a company executive told the Flame gas conference
Pazflor’s world-first for subsea separation
4 May 2011
Total is mooring its new floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel over the Pazflor field, in readiness for start-up of the field using the world’s first field-lifetime subsea-separation facilities
Market growth for the big oil-storage players
14 December 2010
Demand for independent oil storage capacity at the world's main supply hubs is rising as new refiners seek markets and long-haul trade expands, Martin Quinlan writes
Singapore independent oil storage grows and grows
14 December 2010
The Singapore oil-supply hub handled more volume than ever last year, gaining rather than losing from expansions in refining capacity around Asia, Martin Quinlan writes
ARA oil-storage growth on refining and trade trends
14 December 2010
Long-haul oil trade is driving up storage volumes at the big ARA ports faster than consumption, Martin Quinlan writes
US trade drives oil-storage expansions
14 December 2010
The US independent oil-storage business is seeing capacity expansions and corporate acquisitions, as leading operators position to meet trade-driven growth, Martin Quinlan writes
Independent oil storage: fundamentals help to overcome the fears
4 January 2010
The worldwide independent oil-storage business emerges from a testing year in better shape than many had forecast, Martin Quinlan writes
Surprising resilience in Singapore's oil-storage market
4 January 2010
Singapore's independent oil-storage market has not exactly shrugged off the effects of a sharp increase in capacity, at a time of troubled economies worldwide – but its resilience has surprised many, Martin Quinlan writes
ARA: sighs of relief from European oil-storage operators
4 January 2010
Some sectors of the independent oil-storage business at the big ARA ports have felt the effects of the world's economic troubles, but structural changes have helped to maintain utilisation rates, Martin Quinlan writes
ARA: hopes of a soft landing
5 January 2009
Economic troubles might trim the demand for oil storage, but terminal operators hope their growing logistical business will ease the pain
Fears and fundamentals for independent storage operators
5 January 2009
The worldwide independent storage business is not immune to downturns in leading economies – but structural trends are expanding demand for terminal operations
Singapore market dips on capacity rise
5 January 2009
A sharp increase in independent storage capacity has taken some of the fizz from the Singapore business, but logistical demand has been strong so far
UK: Prosecutions following Buncefield terminal explosion
5 January 2009
Criminal charges against five companies are brought forward for the fire at the Buncefield oil storage terminal
Benefiting from downstream strength
1 December 2008
The independent storage business is doing well, driven by high refinery utilisation, growth in long-distance trade and high demand for products. Over-expansion in new capacity is the main threat
Singapore: two new terminals
1 December 2008
By the end of March, two new independent storage terminals will have opened their pipes and the Singapore business will have two new operators. Some say the rise in capacity is bound to depress the market – but take-up indicates that the demand is there
ARA: lift from logistics
1 December 2008
Operators at the big ARA terminals are benefiting from long-distance trade and new products
Dreams of gas hubs
1 May 2007
Russia considers Turkey and Hungary as strategic hubs for the storage and transit of gas to western Europe. But it still has some way to go to convince Hungary to back its extension of the Blue Stream pipeline over the Nabucco project and to persuade Turkey to enter a strategic partnership, writes NJ Watson
Business strengthens on oil trends
1 January 2007
Independent storage-terminal operators in the world's big supply and refining centres are benefiting from oil's robust fundamentals, Martin Quinlan writes
Europe: better at ARA
1 January 2007
The big independent ARA terminals have seen a structural change in their business – and are building new facilities to take advantage of it, Martin Quinlan writes
Singapore booms
1 January 2007
The independent storage business is on a roll, with capacity expanding fast to keep up with escalating demand, Martin Quinlan writes
Trouble in store
1 March 2006
Growth in storage capacity is failing to keep pace with burgeoning natural gas demand and could be a significant factor behind volatile prices, writes Anne Feltus