Refining & marketing
Time to prepare for the downstream downturn
1 August 2007
Refining margins have recently been at all-time highs, but the industry faces much uncertainty and needs to prepare for a downturn. So says Derek Marshall, one of the heads of business development at Shell Global Solutions International. Interview by Alex Forbes
New axis drives the business
1 July 2007
The new axis linking Chinese demand with Mideast output has brought the worldwide chemicals sector to a business peak. Some forecast that it will also bring the next industry downturn, Martin Quinlan writes
Set gas free
1 May 2007
Refining boom under threat
1 January 2007
US refiners, benefiting from high utilisation rates and margins, are planning significant new capacity. But soaring construction and labour costs could delay, or deter, vital investment, writes Anne Feltus
Texas City: a 'preventable incident'
1 December 2006
Since BPs disaster at Texas refinery, health and safety has gone to unprecedented levels.
Gazprom advances
1 September 2006
A $99m investment in a service-station network in Kyrgyzstan looks incongruous in Gazprom's vast and expanding energy portfolio. But the acquisition furthers two of the gas giant's important goals: to expand into the oil business and to establish a dominant position in former-Soviet Central Asia, writes Isabel Gorst
Profits boom on strong demand
1 September 2006
Refiners in key locations are benefiting from unprecedentedly high refining margins, driven by strong demand for products and by capacity constraints. With a worldwide move towards cleaner fuels, at a time when crude quality is declining, the need for intensive refining is forecast to grow, Martin Quinlan writes
Coal to liquids: Back in fashion
1 September 2006
With oil prices high and security of supply a rising concern for importing countries, interest in coal-to-liquids projects – once brushed aside as uneconomic – is growing again, writes Martin Clark
UAE catches petchems bug
1 July 2006
It was only a matter of time before the UAE caught the petrochemicals bug from its neighbours. But the possibility of a supply glut in 2010 is one reason Abu Dhabi might want to pause, writes Ayesha Daya
Good times returning
1 July 2006
The worldwide chemicals business has, at last, shaken off its years of indifferent performance. Demand, prices and profits are up, driven mainly by the growth-engines of China and the US – and southeast China is emerging as a world-scale centre of petrochemicals production, Martin Quinlan writes
Gasoline gap unplugged
1 January 2006
Some refiners are planning to boost capacity and the government is introducing policies to encourage capacity additions. But the US' refineries are – and are likely to remain for several years – unable to keep up with the country's rapacious demand for gasoline. Anne Feltus reports