Refining & marketing
Uganda refinery bidders down to two: SK Energy or RT-Global
24 June 2014
Authorities rejected two out of the four bids they received for the inland refinery in Uganda
China's refining boom fades and brings fears of overcapacity
28 April 2014
Slowing oil demand growth, a changing economy and stricter environmental standards are ushering in a new era for refiners
Boom-times for US refiners as output increases by 49%
22 April 2014
Over the past five years, US crude oil production has increased by more than the entire output of Nigeria
Fading hopes for UK's Milford Haven refinery as sale collapses
8 April 2014
Greybull Stewardship private-equity fund have pulled out of talks with the refinery's owner
Melting ice is opening the Arctic to trade routes
20 February 2014
Arctic melting is opening up new trade routes, but the impact will be smaller than thought
A bleak outlook for Europe’s refiners amid closures
7 February 2014
Increasing exports from US and Middle East refineries seem set to bring more closures in Europe
Nigeria’s downstream chaos could sink planned refinery sale
21 November 2013
The country's four struggling refineries are to be privatised
Uganda’s oil production delayed until 2018
25 October 2013
Seven years after oil was discovered in inland Uganda, first flows are still in the distant future
Gas flaring complicates US Bakken oil boom
7 October 2013
Damaging and disruptive, gas flaring is bad for the environment and for companies, yet it's on the rise in North Dakota
Refiners struggle to keep up in Latin America
16 September 2013
Imports are on the rise across the region as refiners struggle to keep up with demand
Hopes for help for UK refiners after report calls for action
7 August 2013
The report recommends the government looks at regulations and taxes faced by refiners
Sweet and sour prospects for global refiners
6 August 2013
With shale crude production escalating and the world's refineries becoming increasingly complex, processing sour crudes is no longer a reliable route to sweet margins
Canada's Atlantic refiners regroup after failing to find buyer
20 June 2013
Canada's east coast refining market is consolidating as the country reduces its dependence on offshore crude
Dip and not a dive for the chemicals business cycle
6 June 2013
The chemicals business cycle took a downturn last year, but the indications are that it was a dip and not a dive
Venezuela cuts US fuel imports as the Amuay refinery re-started
30 April 2013
Last August, 39 people were killed and the refinery was badly damaged after an explosion, forcing the plant to close
The secrets to a long life for energy facilities and equipment
6 March 2013
Integrity management and corrosion modelling tools offer operators a systemic approach to ensuring the safe and reliable operation of ageing assets – and helps them squeeze more from mature reservoirs and facilities, writes Intetech’s Dr Liane Smith
Environmental changes bring upheavals for refiners
27 February 2013
Environmentally driven changes to shipping fuels will bring change for the world’s refiners
World refining system needs extensive reconstruction
27 February 2013
The world refining system will need reconstruction to meet likely changes in transport fuels demand
Australia downstream in the doldrums as imports increase
13 December 2012
Australia’s demand for refined products is increasing as its refined sector contracts. This could see the country overtake Indonesia as Asia-Pacific’s major products importer
Innovation or stagnation for the European refining sector
10 December 2012
The challenge facing the European refining sector is more severe than many have feared, argues Robert Turner from PwC, whose role in the Petroplus insolvency gave him an opportunity to explore the perspectives and risk appetite of the different players in the sector
Quadrise fuel shipping refinery electricity
30 August 2012
Steps towards commercialisation for new fuel
Refinery restructuring pressures mount
2 August 2012
The refining industry’s centre of gravity is moving east, with the most immediate consequences for the owners of Europe’s elderly refining capacity
Repsol benefits from Cartagena start-up as capacity doubles
2 August 2012
A bold investment in a once barely-economic refinery has given Repsol its ‘refinery of the future’
Malaysia plots Rapid rivalry with Singapore
30 May 2012
Malaysia is pitting itself against economic rival Singapore as it strives to develop a major $20 billion world-scale refinery and petrochemicals hub
In Siberia, a firm finds gas flares can be good business
24 May 2012
Burning off associated gas is a big problem for Russia. Sibur is building a business model around solving it
AtlasInvest in second European refinery acquisition
9 May 2012
Along with Vitol, AtlasInvest will buy and re-start the Cressier refinery in Switzerland