Refining & marketing
Chemicals sector sees improvement, but troubles remain
1 July 2010
There are signs of a recovery in the chemicals business, but the start-up of a large volume of new capacity will pin down operating rates for some years, Martin Quinlan writes
Egypt: New refinery closes in on $2.3bn debt package
2 June 2010
A GRASS-roots Egyptian refining project has accumulated $2.3bn in debt financing from a consortium led by Asian lenders
Refinery sales to re-shape UK business
2 June 2010
Four of the UK's remaining eight oil refineries are up for sale as the major companies rush for the exit, Martin Quinlan writes
Africa struggling to add essential oil refining capacity
4 May 2010
CNPC's decision to build a refinery in Chad is a rare piece of positive news in Africa's refining sector – and emphasises the region's reliance on Chinese investment, writes Ian Lewis
Rough times for US oil refiners
4 January 2010
If the US oil refining industry is a roller-coaster ride, it is on a dizzying downward plunge as demand drops and prices rise, writes Anne Feltus
Refinery plans reeling
1 September 2009
Battered by weak margins and surplus capacity, North America's refining sector is in more than just another periodic swoon
Stemming the loss of value-added business
1 September 2009
The Alberta government wants to buy 300,000 b/d of its own oil sands' bitumen to fuel a domestic upgrading and refining sector
Refining profits slump on adverse fundamentals
1 September 2009
The worldwide refining business is experiencing great difficulties – and some say there is no relief in sight, Martin Quinlan writes
Chemicals gloom as demand slumps
9 July 2009
The worldwide chemicals business had a rough ride in 2008 – but 2009 could prove to be worse, Martin Quinlan writes
Chemicals industry cycling down
9 July 2009
The chemicals business is well into a classic down-cycle with profitability falling fast, Martin Quinlan writes
ExxonMobil invests through the downturn for future efficiency
1 May 2009
ExxonMobil is investing in cogen power generation for its refining operations. The result is increased energy efficiency and reduced GHG emissions, writes Tom Nicholls
Tough times for US refiners
5 January 2009
Falling gasoline demand and price volatility have significantly reduced profits in the US refining sector
Refining capacity-expansion plans feel the heat
1 September 2008
As refining projects across much of the Middle East come under threat from cost inflation, Saudi Arabia seems determined to push ahead with large capacity additions, writes James Gavin
Profits off the boil
1 September 2008
The worldwide refining business is seeing margins fall as capacity bottlenecks disappear. Meeting rising diesel demand at a time of declining utilisation rates is the next challenge, Martin Quinlan writes
Uncertainty in the air
1 July 2008
With feedstock prices rising fast and growth in world demand slowing, there are warnings that start-ups of new ethylene capacity planned for the second half of this year could trip the chemicals business into a down-cycle, Martin Quinlan writes
Top of the cycle?
1 July 2008
Downstream attractions
1 June 2008
An expanding economy and efficient oil logistics – the latter a legacy of the years of state control – make Spain an attractive downstream market. Repsol YPF is making sure it will hold onto its dominant position, Martin Quinlan writes
Profits could be trimmed next year
1 August 2007
Worldwide bottlenecks in refining capacity, at a time of sharply rising demand for products, have brought strong refining margins for over three years. But there are signs that easing fundamentals could trim profits next year, Martin Quinlan writes.