Refining & marketing
Expect record global refinery throughput in Q3
21 September 2016
Runs may surge but they won’t match demand growth
Overcooking US gasoline demand
31 August 2016
Has the country been burning more gasoline than ever before? The data paint a confusing picture
Bulging product stocks pressurise refinery margins
3 August 2016
Profits for processing crude into refined products have fallen far from last year’s highs. Europe in particular is feeling the pressure
Now for the glut
5 July 2016
Petrochemical supplies are still rising but demand growth is less certain than it was
The rise of China's teapot refineries
8 June 2016
Armed with import permits, the country’s private refineries are mopping up cheap global crude oil
European refining margins continue to slide
16 May 2016
Profits for processing crude into refined products are under pressure, especially in Europe
The next glut for refiners
25 February 2016
Margins will suffer, with refiners about to add even more distillation capacity that the world probably won’t need
Falling margins, rising maintenance
25 February 2016
A busy season of refinery turnarounds is about to weaken crude demand, again
Shell launches Canadian carbon capture plant Quest
10 November 2015
The company has officially launched its Quest CCS project in Alberta, designed to store more than 1m mt of carbon dioxide annually
Golar agrees to provide FSRU for Ghana gas imports
4 November 2015
Ghana could be the first country in sub-Saharan Africa to play host to a floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU)
Asia and the Middle East continue to invest in refineries despite oil price
19 October 2015
The majors have seen their refinery fortunes rebound this year. But the super-refineries in the Middle East and Asia and rising ethane output in the US continue to put pressure on refiners to change their ways
Hovensa files for bankruptcy, ending a long-running dispute
22 September 2015
The shuttered Hovensa Refinery in the US Virgin Islands has filed for bankruptcy, closing a long-running dispute between the owners of the facility and the Virgin Islands
Austria's OMV welcomes a new CEO
1 July 2015
Rainer Seele has plenty of work to do thanks to the oil price and legacies of the past
Varo raises sights in European downstream
22 June 2015
Varo Energy, Europe's newest downstream specialist, is merging with trading and marketing company Argos to target the creation of a 'major downstream business' in northwestern Europe
Sulphur reduction in gasoline will lift alkylation economics
21 May 2015
The news comes as part of a study by DuPont as countries begin to switch to sulphur-free gasoline
Total's restructure in France will close La Mède refinery
21 April 2015
The company's plan for refining in France will also see investments in biofuels and desulphurisation
Uganda refinery decision raises hopes for oil in 2018
17 March 2015
The country's Lake Albert oilfields could start producing within the next three years
Refiners await surge of Middle East exports after new start-ups
4 February 2015
The start-up of new super-refineries in the Middle East is set to flood Europe's markets with middle distillates
Rising production of US shale oil has boosted storage industry
8 December 2014
Refinery and product export trends are good for Gulf coast storage operators
Optimism runs high for Satorp refinery in Saudi Arabia
31 October 2014
Total lauds the economic strengths of its new Saudi Arabian complex while troubles in Europe mount
Kuwait's Rotterdam refinery for sale or shut-down
10 October 2014
Kuwait Petroleum International wants to cancel planned investment in the Netherlands
Marine fuel drives ExxonMobil European refinery investment
18 September 2014
A substantial investment in a Norway refinery following reduction in allowed sulphur content in marine fuel
Chevron's gas to liquid starts flowing in Nigeria
28 August 2014
The major is nine years behind schedule at the Escravos plant, Nigeria
Middle East refiners could increase by a third
13 August 2014
Exports from the new super-refineries of the Middle East – now the world’s fastest-growing refining region – will speed the pace of closures in Europe
Varo Energy to acquire assets in European Total
31 July 2014
The downstream specialist is eyeing growth in Europe by buying heating oil and diesel businesses
Australian refinery troubles lead to rising import dependence
8 July 2014
But Australia will benefit from proximity to Asia’s new facilities