Refining & marketing
Environmental changes bring upheavals for refiners
27 February 2013
Environmentally driven changes to shipping fuels will bring change for the world’s refiners
World refining system needs extensive reconstruction
27 February 2013
The world refining system will need reconstruction to meet likely changes in transport fuels demand
Australia downstream in the doldrums as imports increase
13 December 2012
Australia’s demand for refined products is increasing as its refined sector contracts. This could see the country overtake Indonesia as Asia-Pacific’s major products importer
Innovation or stagnation for the European refining sector
10 December 2012
The challenge facing the European refining sector is more severe than many have feared, argues Robert Turner from PwC, whose role in the Petroplus insolvency gave him an opportunity to explore the perspectives and risk appetite of the different players in the sector
Quadrise fuel shipping refinery electricity
30 August 2012
Steps towards commercialisation for new fuel
Refinery restructuring pressures mount
2 August 2012
The refining industry’s centre of gravity is moving east, with the most immediate consequences for the owners of Europe’s elderly refining capacity
Repsol benefits from Cartagena start-up as capacity doubles
2 August 2012
A bold investment in a once barely-economic refinery has given Repsol its ‘refinery of the future’
Malaysia plots Rapid rivalry with Singapore
30 May 2012
Malaysia is pitting itself against economic rival Singapore as it strives to develop a major $20 billion world-scale refinery and petrochemicals hub
In Siberia, a firm finds gas flares can be good business
24 May 2012
Burning off associated gas is a big problem for Russia. Sibur is building a business model around solving it
AtlasInvest in second European refinery acquisition
9 May 2012
Along with Vitol, AtlasInvest will buy and re-start the Cressier refinery in Switzerland
Chinese refiners get some relief from price rise
25 April 2012
China raised retail fuel prices in March by the most in almost three years in a move that will help refiners cut heavy losses but is unlikely to slow the country’s rapidly rising demand
Antwerp refinery to be acquired by Gunvor
6 March 2012
Trading company Gunvor, a large seller of Russian crudes, is to buy the Antwerp refinery from the administrators of Petroplus, which collapsed in January when lenders cut off its credit
Screw tightens on European refining
7 February 2012
Petroplus collapsed into administration in January, dashing hopes for the low-cost business model favoured by the independents and underlining the troubles in Europe's refining sector
LNG market set for Thai demand surprise
12 January 2012
Could the sudden jump in energy demand from Thailand make it the surprise LNG buyer this year?
Ambitious Iraqi refining plan needs huge investment
9 September 2011
Securing finance for the plans to double refining capacity could prove difficult
Europe’s refiners brace for loss of Syrian crude
19 August 2011
US sanctions against Syria – specifically targeting the oil sector – may have serious implications for European refiners, although crude prices are, in the short-term, unlikely to be affected
Global oil refining business sees an upturn
3 August 2011
The refining business has seen improved profitability since the start of the year – particularly in the US, where strong margins are supporting corporate restructurings
Petrobras keeps downstream faith despite trend
2 August 2011
Brazil’s Petrobras is ramping up its refining capacity, but the country’s prolific pre-salt upstream play corners the lion’s share of its huge investment programme
HSE probes fatal refinery blast
3 June 2011
THE UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) this morning launched an investigation into last night’s fatal explosion at Chevron’s 220,000 barrel a day Pembroke refinery in southwest Wales.
European refining suits some as sales go ahead
18 April 2011
The gems among the 12 or so refineries for sale in Europe are being snapped up – but by new entrants
European refinery sales accelerate as Shell sells Stanlow
24 February 2011
Shell agreed to sell its Stanlow, UK, refinery to India's Essar last month – the latest in a wave of refinery sales, mostly by the majors, which is set to bring the largest upheaval in European downstream in over 50 years
PetroChina takes European refining foothold
28 January 2011
PETROCHINA is set to achieve its ambition of gaining a presence in European refining
Saudi Arabia's downstream development accelerates
28 January 2011
Saudi Aramco will make final investment decisions (FID) on $45bn-50bn of refining and petrochemicals projects this year, as the kingdom pushes downstream development in an effort to squeeze more value from its crude
Russian companies are eyeing up Polish refining assets
14 December 2010
RUSSIAN companies are eyeing up the latest refining assets on the block in Poland. They may have an easy run at the properties, too
Refining: short-term improvement, long-term problems
1 September 2010
Demand changes say the world needs fewer oil refineries, in different locations and making a different slate of products, Martin Quinlan writes
Global refinery construction survey
1 September 2010
THE VOLUME of new refining capacity under construction or reasonably firmly planned worldwide represents an increase of 10% on existing capacity, Petroleum Economist's latest annual construction survey finds