Power generation
Lighting up a continent
20 September 2007
Investors are returning to Africa's power sector, but securing financing remains problematic, writes Martin Clark
Coal-fired plants of the future
1 August 2007
At least 20 IGCC plants have been proposed in the US and that figure could continue to grow as the technology advances and as state and federal governments establish measures aimed at curbing CO2 emissions, writes Anne Feltus
The future's blackouts
1 May 2007
Southeast Europe faces a power shortage until 2012, when new generating capacity is due to enter service. Until then, prices will almost certainly rise, threatening the economic boom that is helping to stabilise the region, NJ Watson reports
Power producers mix it up
1 January 2007
Despite concerted conservation efforts and energy-efficiency gains, electricity demand in the US continues to rise. Increased diversity in the fuel mix is essential to guarantee supply security, writes Anne Feltus
Russia: First electricity IPO a success
1 December 2006
The first of a series of power-plant privatisations planned by Unified Energy System (UES), Russia's state-owned electricity monopoly, was a resounding success
Easing off the gas
1 December 2006
Where will China find the energy supplies it needs to keep growing? Derek Brower looks at the options
Power plants up for grabs
1 October 2006
The trundling reform of UES will move into high gear next month with the flotation of OGK-5, a generating company created during restructuring of the world's biggest power firm, writes Isabel Gorst
Micro future
1 July 2006
Gas suffers eastern power vacuum
31 May 2006
Central and eastern Europe may follow the EU's lead in many respects, but the rising use of natural gas for electricity generation is not one of them, writes NJ Watson
China: gas plays second fiddle
31 May 2006
The power industry in China lives and breathes coal, an abundant resource in this fast-growing Asian super state. But coal-fired power generation has come at a price, with the country facing some of the worst pollution levels in the world, writes Martin Clark.
The eternal fire at Kirkuk
1 April 2006
The oil ministry has designed a plan to capture flared gas and bring new output on stream, but it is already behind schedule if it wants to supply expected power demand by the end of the decade, writes Ayesha Daya
Middle East: Gulf powers up with private electricity schemes
1 January 2006
Saudi Arabia has become the latest member the region's expanding roster of private power producers. In mid-November, the kingdom signed its first privately financed independent power and water project (IWPP)
Power plays
1 January 2006
Southeast Europe is the new investment frontier for international power companies, although progress towards opening the electricity markets in the region is likely to be halting. By NJ Watson
Facing an electric storm
29 November 2005
China is facing a large gap between electricity demand and supply in the long term. NJ Watson reports on what the is country doing to mitigate the problem